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Hotels vs. All-Inclusive Resorts in Playa for brides doing off-site weddings---need advice!

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Originally Posted by TheDivineMissC View Post

Hi there!


Just to give you another idea, my fiance and I are getting married this coming October in Playa.  There is a group of non-inclusive hotels, Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, that we are using as our accommodations.  There are 4 different hotel choices within the group, and all all within 2 blocks of each other at different price points.  Because we are off-season, the rates are incredibly great, and it's a 4 star hotel on Trip Advisor.  All the 4 hotels use the same beach club, at one of the properties, El Taj, so your guests will all be hanging out together.  These condo hotels have 1 to 3 bedroom options, all with full kitchens.  We're getting a penthouse with a big BBQ and jacuzzi, so we can host a wedding rehearsal/reception up there the night prior and have a grill out with all our friends.  The associated reception venue is Wicky's Beach Club, which is just 2 blocks down the street from the hotels.  They have great food reviews.  Ceremony is on the beach, and then reception is right there at the beach club.  There's a coordinator, Linda Burchett, through Wicky's that handles both the accommodations and the wedding for you.


We didn't want to do an all-inclusive as we felt they may be very expensive for some of our guests.  We also wanted them to feel free to explore the town of Playa and not feel like they were spending unused money if they ate out on the town.


We also liked being in town and having it walkable, so people didn't have to rent cars.


Unfortunately we weren't able to do a site inspection before booking, so we're just rolling the dice, but so far we feel really happy with our decision.  I will make sure to do an update following our wedding with reviews of all the vendors and venues we chose.


Congratulations and best wishes!

As a wedding planner in the Riviera Maya,


We have noticed most brides choose this option a lot to give their guests the flexibility, and to explore the area. Most importantly they get to personalize their wedding.

Riviera Maya has a lot offer for various budgets. 


Feel free to ask us for more information or for advice and we will be happy to help.


Happy Planning!


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