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Need help or advice planning an INDIAN wedding in Jamaica!

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Hi guys!


So im trying to planning an indian (hindu) wedding in Jamaica and not sure where to begin. Ive done lots of research, there are wedding planners out there but I would like try and do it myself. 


Any advice would be highly appreciated!




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Hey Resh19s,

So my Indian wedding is actually 3 months away at Grand Palladium Resort. I'm white, but my fiance is Gujarati and we are having a full blown Indian wedding with mehndi, baraat, ceremony, and reception. I chose the resort because it was only one i could find with an Indian restaurant that allowed children. The garden gazebo is also the perfect mandap :) Below is my pandit and mehndi artist information. I'm also using Brian Nejedly Photographer/Videographer as he has experience with Indian weddings. I'm doing all planning and lots of decorating myself so feel free to ask any questions. Good luck!


-Pandit Sharma - 876-928-1517

Lyle Nathan-Sharma <lylensharma@gmail.com>




-Mendhi Artist: Shakira Kang






-Brian Nejedly http://www.briandesign.com/ *See price list (vendor fee covered) *Experience shooting Indian Wedding at Grand Palladium (see below link)



Indian Wedding at Grand Palladium FB Page


Indian Wedding Grand Palladium- Client Page (All Photos) *PW eypatel


I just started offering video in January. Here is a link to view our most recent sample:

Your video will be live at: http://youtu.be/nlVyfsbNeNg

This was a short, ceremony-only shoot, but you get the idea. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21311979/Cabral-480.m4v. For the ceremony, the groom will be wearing a wireless mic. so you can hear every word. Your video includes the edited highlight video, and does also include the complete footage of the ceremony, speeches, first dance, cake cutting and other key moments. I can make sure your highlight video does include some of the audio from the ceremony. There will be a second person dedicated to shooting video. I can also shoot some clips as I see them, but I am primarily taking photos.

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Hi, I am in a bit of a dilemma and would really appreciate some advice. My fiance and i live in canada where i've been an international student for the last few years. We decided to have thw wedding in india since it will be a lot cheaper and all of my immediate and extended family is there. However, my mother-in-law to be's health has not been too good and my fiance's family thinks it wont be a good idea for her to come to India and so wont be a good idea to have the wedding in india since we cant do it without her. I personally feel she will be fine since she has a respiratory disorder triggered by strong smells and wherw the wedding is supposed to happen is in the mountains with really clean air. I'm afraid having the wedding in canada will be too expensive, something me and my family cannot afford. My parents had already applied to get a visitor's visa and got refused on financial grounds. It will be too expensive for my family to fly everyone out to canada since my parents dont make too much money and the best scenario will be that just my mom and dad will be able to come. I dont know if i can get married without my siblings and extended family. Fiance's immediate and extended family are well off and they can all come to india since it wont be tooexpensive fir them. But without the mom in law, there cant be a wedding in India either. I feel selfish for wanting the wedding in India because i'Ve always dreamed of getting married there surrounded by my family and loved ones but at the same time i cannot compromise mum in law's health. I cant be pushing the india agenda too much because i will seem inconsiderate about mom in law's health but having the wedding in canada is alao impractical and beyond our budget. I would appre iate your advice and comments!

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