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Hi Soon2BMrs - did you make your decision yet? I went back and forth between the resorts too and finally decided on the Iberostar Cancun (IC). I went to the Dreams Puerto Vallarta in January 2013 and really enjoyed it, especially the food, so I was drawn to the Dreams chain. The Dreams Cancun wedding location on the bluff overlooking the ocean was also a big draw as it is so picturesque. In the end though, the deciding factor for me was that I didn't like the lagoon (looked like murky water) and dolphin attraction at the resort. The dolphin place is open to the public so the idea of people coming and going all day around the resort, even on my wedding day, was unappealing. There have been several amazing looking weddings at Dreams though so the basis for my decision may be flawed but that was my train of thought. What convinced me to go with Iberostar was the layout of the resort and the fact that they have a large raised up lawn location to have an outdoor ceremony without having to be on the beach. The resort has the look and feel of a big resort like on the Mayan strip but all the activity is contained to the front of the resort rather than sprawled out. I will be able to locate my wedding guests easily as they will either be around the 7 pools down the middle of the resort or on the beach. Feedback on Trip Advisor about IC was also really good.


I hope that helped!

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