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Azul Sensatori Brides & Brides-to-be! Looking for thoughts and advice!

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Hi Ladies!

Getting married in October of this year! We are planning as much of the details now, as we can, and are running into the same issues that seem normal: long response times from Miami WC, even then she doesn't have the answers from the resort, etc.

We are having a larger-than-normal amount of guests (125!!), I'm finding it hard for me to find answers that I need. I'm pretty laid back, but that being said, there are a ton of people that are coming a long way, and I want to make it great!

We are doing our ceremony and reception on the beach, (limited b/c of amount of people, but I'm ok w/ that) and I'm finding it difficult to plan the decor for the beach reception. I'm not sure what the basic set up is, what can be done as far as set-up goes, charges, etc. Is the only option for decor from Lomas? Also, does anyone know about bringing materials/decor vs ordering from the states and having them shipped to Mexico vs Lomas ordering etc? Any insight is greatly appreciated..thank you ladies!!

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It sounds like you are planning a big and wonderful party.  :)  Have you checked into the Azul Sensorati bride thread?  There are lots of past and future brides with loads of advice, and they may be able to help with some of your questions.  Also, Wright Travel are Karisma Resort specialists, so I'm sure that any one of the travel agents could answer your questions as well.  I hope this is helpful!



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