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When to open a new topic, and how to name it!!!

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When to open a new topic, and how to name it!!! You guys must stop posting threads with titles like "Help", "Help me", "Super SOS" etc.. This is not the proper way to make somebody help you.. You must first search for the answer to your question, because 95% it has already been answered somewhere else in the forum. If and only if you find out it is not answered, you may then create a new topic, with a title that is specific an talks about your problem, so that someone will be able to help you! Please, help us keep the forum clean and easily readable, so that others may also be benefited out of this, and be able to find the answers to their questions, instead of having to search between 55000 posts with meaningless and unhelpful titles!! Read the forums Terms of use Search for your own answers from the search bar at the upper right corner Use new topic naming wisely, and be specific! Xellon, if you want pin it for everyone to see.. provide by dudool.com,one global online Store

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