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DJ Ricardo Patiño vs. DJ Adan Mijares

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I just returned from our wedding in Cabo, and feel the need to give some feedback for all you brides out there trying to plan a destination wedding. 


Aside from the groom and the location (we chose the insanely perfect Cabo del Sol golf club - more on this in another post), the music was one of the most important elements to our reception.  So much so that we even considered bringing a DJ from Chicago, but ultimately decided against it based on cost.  We originally met with Adan Mijares because he had done a friend's wedding in Cabo, and seemed to be one of the two popular DJs in town (the other being DJ Ricardo Patiño).  Working with DJ Mijares was difficult from the start.  The response time to Emails was slow and sometimes non-existent.  When he did reply, he gave us the high pressure sell.  After meeting with DJ Mijares the 3rd week of Dec. 2012, he seemed to understand our musical taste, so we decided to move forward and made a verbal commitment to sign his contract upon receipt.  We and asked for him to forward his contract to us via Email since he forgot to bring one to our meeting, but it never came.  I assumed this was due to the holidays, and his usual slow response time, so thought nothing of it.  However, the day after New Year's Eve (10 days after our verbal confirmation), the wedding coordinator we hired on the same trip reached out to him, and he told her he booked another event which obviously gained him more money.  He never informed us that he did so, and had she not reached out, we may have ended up with no time to book a DJ.  


Sadly, I noticed (after Googling him) that many brides had a similar experience with DJ Mijares flaking out on them: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/71747/nightmare-dj-mijares-flaked-on-our-6-11-11-wedding


Rachel from Infinity weddings to the rescue (infinity-cabo.com more on this later, she is an angel).  She immediately recommended DJ Ricardo Patiño.  This was the 3rd recommendation for this DJ from Cabo locals, and I wish we had listened from the start.  Working with DJ Ricardo was night and day to DJ Mijares.  He is extremely professional, friendly and helpful.   He replied to our questions immediately, and gave me a sense of calm.  He was WONDERFUL from the business aspect, and then blew our minds on the music side.  Our music was PERFECT.  He also did the up-lighting for our venue, and it was breathtaking.  He was so in tune with our requests, and our dance floor was packed from start to finish.  The funniest part is that my maid of honor requested he play a song from our "Do Not Play" list for the end of her speech, and he was so dedicated to that list that he initially refused, showing her our wishes.  It took a LOT of coaxing for her to get him to do it, and I'm sure he was nervous about it, but it was absolutely fine for the last 20 seconds of her speech.


I know how hard it is to plan a destination wedding, trusting in vendors based on other people's experiences and reviews, so I simply had to let you all know.  If you are trying to decide between DJ. Ricardo and DJ Mijares, there is no question.  DJ Ricardo Patino hands down.

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