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Luxe destination disgusted myself, my wife and the other 106 in our group! Do not book with them!!!!

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We just returned from our wedding in Mexico and booked through sunwing. We had 108 people present and because of that sunwing gave us the "perk" of going through your wedding planning company "Luxe Destination Weddings". We booked a year ago and had plenty of discussions with luxe until about a month before. Issues started arising, and the girl we were dealing with "Menisha Hodge" started ignoring our calls and emails; as well as the rest of the 108 paying customers in our party. She lied to us all and tried getting out of some comp's she originally told us we got. We were told we would have our itineraries 3 weeks prior to departure and it wasn't until the day before that we all got them. Menisha ignored us twice for a week each time, until I finally got in touch with her boss Anne. Anne got us our itineraries but was also very rude and uncooperative. They also advised a lady in our party not to get a passport for there infant as it wasn't required. They could not get on the plane and missed the wedding because of it. This was the worst service I have ever heard of and it was our wedding. Sunwing wiped there hands clean of us as well. I also have not heard a word from luxe or any apology. Menisha hodges incompetence had my fiancé in tears for two weeks. We also had problems with getting people seated with there small kids on the flight also. They stated unless 30$ was paid the parents of 3 and 5 year old kids could not sit with there parents. They also had every room wrong. There were people who paid for upgrades and did not receive them. I would not by any means reccomend sunwing or luxe to my worst enemy. We have flown all over the world throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, etc, and never has service ever been like this! You can expect 107 other emails like this as well as 107 reviews on trip advisor, Facebook, twitter and any other social media forum. Menisha and Anne in my opinion didn't even communicate our requests or upgrades to the resort in Mexico we got married at! I hope her and Anne have to answer for the lack of service and proffessionalism that they have given us. Luxe disgusted myself my wife and 106 other people; and you are now going to be hearing about it! Lee Clandinin Sent from my iPhone

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