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Hi unfortunately I was very disapointed with the provider I chose for our video making IPBODAS.

Don't use them! Really, they are the most unprofessional company I have ever seen. It has been over 7 months since our wedding and we haven't recieved our video! It is so sad because we trusted them and they seem to just not care about what they promised.

I have been calling them and onbody answers the phone. I finally got an email from them saying that they want more money and if I don't deposit 1500 MXN I will not get the video!

Very sad, this was the only company that didn't fulfilled what they promised.

Also I have the supicion that they stole an Iphone from my room while filming while I was getting ready.


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Beautiful Wedding Videos everyone!!! thx so much for sharing :)


To add another option to the mix, here's our very own videographer, Roberto's video artwork .........Enjoy :)




Wishing everyone wonderful Wedding Celebrations - Cheers!!! 


Photography Is Forever Studios   400

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