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Azul Beach Weddings 2014

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#131 talicea7812

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  • Wedding Date:April 12, 2014
  • Wedding Location:Azul Beach Hotel
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Posted 11 March 2014 - 06:16 AM



so here's what I did...the outside vendor fee is $800 & I'm already paying to fly in my own photographer. Soooo $800 more is a lot!  My mom is staying in a room by herself.  I was able to get the videographer to discount his price bc of the vendor fee & I am adding him on to my mom's room (which is still cheaper than the vendor fee) when all is said and done im still paying less than if I were to hire an approved vendor (fees and package combined) but I'm getting the guy I want.


I'm not sure what your photo/video situation is... but some companies are photo & video.  If you have your vendors meet and enter together they will seem like one company and you only pay the one time fee. My guy suggested this and said he's done it before.


I was unable to do that since my photog is flying from home and will already be at the resort :(


Or you can always book a room for your 2 companies. it should still work out to be less than the double fees.



As for decorations/sheers. I just ordered mine late last week. I thought the white was included...but doesn't matter. I wanted colors...and im pretty sure I was told $150. (maybe color is an upcharge?) not sure but either way...they recommend 2. so right there its an additional $200! just to decorate your wedding archway.  I was able to buy 2- 40 yard fabric bolts for $27 each.  I actually ordered all my decorations from there- chair sashes, table runners, & napkins all for $110! So even with the setup fee (max $250) I'm still saving money and have the possibility of reselling the items.


Hassle? Maybe? but im hoping to be able to fit all decorations into one large suitcase (along with the OOT bag stuff) The decorations should arrive this week so I can do a suitcase test and see if everything will fit.  we are lucky. Our first checked bag is free and we booked a seat for our under 2yr old daughter...so we can check 3 large bags at no additional cost. Soooo I guess you have to look at all the factors b4 deciding buy and bring or just rent.  Hope this helps.

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    Posted 19 March 2014 - 07:59 AM



    We hope you had a great weekend, we're so happy to write for you on this topic, please take a look at our photography work:



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    • Wedding Date:November 8, 2014
    • Wedding Location:Azul Fives

    Posted 26 March 2014 - 08:26 AM

    ello Brides,


    I am getting married on Nov 8th, 2014 @ 11am at Azul Fives.  I am expecting around 80+ guest (maybe close to 100).  I've selected the "Always and Forever" wedding package.  This package has minimal decorations and I am interested in adding my own touches.  I've read a few responses suggesting to bring your own decorations with setup fee of $250.  My biggest concern is traveling with the decorations and favors for guest.  I do have a wedding planner who will be traveling with me to the resort.  Should I have her bring these items?  I just don't want to be stressed out over this when traveling.


    We are planning to do the private event/reception following the wedding.  I haven't yet decided the location as our wedding is taking place in the AM.  My fiance and I are just really excited about being able to have so many family and friends attend our wedding.  We both LOVE to party and would really like a fun filled reception.  I hoped to add my own decorations to this as well.  Does anyone have any opinions regarding the DJ?  The cost is like $1500-$2000.  Pretty steep for a DJ that I am not familiar with.  I did read somewhere that you are able to send them music (happy about that).  I've also heard from some past brides who used the DJ that they would have also been okay using the IPOD & Speaker setup.  Any location suggestions for early afternoon reception (wedding @ 11am)?


    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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      Posted 27 March 2014 - 10:35 AM

      Hello DW Brides!


      I am getting married at Azul Beach on May 4 2014 and am counting the days at this point. We booked last October (2013) and I have been planning ever since. In regards to the Sheers post my FI and I debated between buying/renting and bringing our own with the set up fee. To be cost efficient and convenient we ended up 'renting' 1x white sheer at $100 and 2x large flower arrangements to be hung on each side of the Gazebo. The flowers cost $140 total and will be much nicer than the second sheer for only $40 more. I found a sample set up picture that I have given to the resort so the 1x sheer looks the best it can without the 'partner' sheer.  Also- my wedding coordinator put in a request that the flowers be delivered to our dinner reservation (no private reception) for decoration. I have done a lot of research regarding this resort but we are having a very small and simple ceremony so I have only researched in depth the items we required. 


      We are also having a at home Fiesta celebration about a month after we get home and inviting 100 people... it's become quite an event itself. I feel like we get to have our cake (small ceremony/wedding in beautiful tropical place) and eat it too (celebration with all of our closest friends and family). 

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      • Wedding Date:April 12, 2014
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      Posted 19 April 2014 - 02:33 AM

      Hi Everyone!!!

      I am back and now Mrs. Lewis!!! So much to tell everyone! If you are interested in my experiences at Azul Beach please check out my planning blog.  Search "tina's peacock wedding planning blog."  I have so much to say about the place that it would take forever to go from thread to thread with all the details!  I am adding more details everyday :)

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        Posted 29 April 2014 - 07:05 PM

        I think I read somewhere (sorry can't remember where since I've been reading through sooooo much stuff) that Azul doesn't let you take any of the left over cake away from the reception!?!? Has anyone else heard or read about this.... And why the heck not! After all you paid for it! This disappoints me....would love to have little to go boxes for guests to take cake back to the room with them

        Has anyone had any info on possible getting a cake from an outside vendor and just picking it up at the gate (like with the flowers) in case they can't do the cake design you want?

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        #137 talicea7812

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        • Wedding Date:April 12, 2014
        • Wedding Location:Azul Beach Hotel
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        Posted 30 April 2014 - 04:55 AM



        Yep...its true.  the cake cannot leave the reception area.  Really sucks.  we did 2 different flavors on each layer.  I don't think they even served anyone the top layer!  I didn't think about it that night but I would have liked a slice of each flavor.  I really hope it didn't get thrown away.  I work in the restaurant business and when something like that happens the employees reap the benefits.  Soooo I hope the staff at least got to eat it.


        As for the cake...(I purchased my flowers from outside the resort) I was also looked into doing an outside vendor for the cake.  Azul charges a fortune for the cake and then won't let you have whats left.  If I remember right, for my number of guests it worked out to be 12.50 a slice (for a very, very basic cake, not fancy decorations)!!! insane!!! I had a lot of issues with the Miami coordinators so they offered me my cake for free... but if they didn't do that, I was going to order from Zaida Marcos!  Check her out! She quoted me $150 +delivery for the same cake. 

        #138 BDABeachBum

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          Posted 30 April 2014 - 06:12 AM


          Thanks for the info! If I go with Azul (have been looking for almost two months and can't pick a place, but that's a different story, hahah) I may look into the flower vendor you used as well! I really want peonies and the price lomas wants to charge for them is insane!

          I wonder if you brought in your own cake if they would let it leave the reception area, after all it didn't come from them....that is just so frustrating! I wonder if it's because they offer the service of them delivering a dessert to your guests rooms after the wedding....for the price of a sweet and a delivery fee....crazy!

          Do you mind sharing with me your invoice for generally how much your wedding cost?

          #139 talicea7812

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          • Wedding Date:April 12, 2014
          • Wedding Location:Azul Beach Hotel
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          Posted 30 April 2014 - 06:31 AM



          Ummm...not 100% on what I paid but here's an approximate breakdown (3 ppl. me, hubs, and daughter)


          1. $3,000 for our room (pd 3 nights in deluxe room & 3 nights in family swim up)


          2. $240 each for airfare- download the skyscanner app to your phone and check it everyday! We flew out of philly to Chicago, then to Mexico.  Our first checked bag was free (Delta) didn't have to pay any xtra fees


          3. a little over $3000 for photographer- $1500+tax for photo package, $4something for plane ticket, and $8something for her room.  Offered to pay for 4 days for her bc it was cheaper to pay the extra day then to fly her on another day.  So I saved a little and she got a longer vacation.


          4. $1500 for videographer- paid for a 3 night stay and he discounted his package


          5.  $570? for flowers- My bouquet, 2 bridesmaids, 1 grooms bout, 2 large centerpieces and 4 small


          6. $250- Ipod hook up


          7. $506- Reception dinners


          8. Wedding ceremony package, cocktail hour and cake- all included. no charge.


          9. $180 for hair & makeup by Beso brides. No outside vendor fee or day passes purchased



          So I guess those are my main elements.  Of course there were other things.  I brought my own decorations and paid the $250 set up.  I did the math and it still worked out to be a better price than renting...plus I brought a lot home and intend to reuse for an AHR and my daughters bday party.  bridal party gifts etc. 


          I have a blog on here called tina's peacock wedding.  check it out.  I detailed the whole planning experience. the ups and downs and how I saved money.  Azul is a great place but the offsite coordinators are terrible and they do try to nickel and dime you.  You just gotta be smart!  Hope this helps :)

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            Posted 17 May 2014 - 08:21 AM

            I'd love to hear how your wedding went! If you have any pictures of your ceremony decor I'd love to see it! Sounds like you did something similar to what I was thinking.

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