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7 Reasons you SHOULD hire Tropical Occasions (Costa Rica Wedding Planner)

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My wife and I got married on 2/14/13 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica... and here's a little bit about our wedding planner.


Iâ€ll start off with a quick synopsis in case you donâ€t want to read the whole thing: They are AMAZING, and they will ensure that you have the absolute PERFECT wedding, no matter what!


Iâ€m an extreme researcher, I for some reason love spending hours on my couch with my laptop researching just about anything. I read all of the reviews I could about Tropical Occasions, I looked at wedding photographers blogs and found weddings that were done by Tropical Occasions, I talked to the photographers I was considering hiring and got their opinion, you name it, I researched it. But what stuck out the most, of any of the research I did, was when I actually talked to Aimee on the phone. Right then I knew that this work was her lifeâ€s passion, that she puts everything she has into each and every wedding that her company produces, and she takes incredible pride when the bride and groom have the time of their lives…thatâ€s the person I want in charge of my wife and Iâ€s big day.


So now for the fun reasons:

1.       Theyâ€re on top of it, and I mean SUPER on top of it. Karen, our on-site coordinator could plan an event that included the leaders of the world….blindfolded. Thereâ€s wasnâ€t a single detail that had been overlooked. In fact, she covered my blunder at our welcome dinner where I forgot to pickup non-alcoholic beverages for the kids.

2.       Their designs are amazing. We had a few conference calls to talk about design, and for the most part we let Aimee work her magic and everything she proposed sounded awesome to us. We decided to stay somewhat low-key on the design details and let Tropical Occasions take care of that for us. They did not disappoint. Itâ€s two months later and Iâ€m still hearing from my friends how gorgeous everything turned out, it was straight out of a movie.

3.       They worked within our budget. We were stretching the bank big time just to have a wedding, let alone the wedding of our dreams. Somehow, Aimee and Karen were able to keep the budget within our budget while also having all sorts of little details that made it so special. They helped us with ideas on what we could cut out, or substitute, to help save some money.

4.       They can deal with an emergency. We had a little accident right before the wedding, the mother of the bride fell down concrete steps, severely bruising her face, breaking her wrist, and spraining her ankle. Karen was there to help us with whatever we needed, and day-of she came up with a plan that allowed the mother of the bride to still walk her daughter down the aisle without a cane.

5.       They are able to keep the day of stress free. Karen set a rule to everyone the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner. No one was allowed to ask the bride or groom a question. Instead a representative was appointed by the bride and groom to field all questions and immediately call Karen to handle them. This was AMAZING. The bride and I were both feeling great before the wedding…not stressed out, no panicking, heck I was sitting in a pool with a beer in my trying to even out my tan. Karen took care of EVERYTHING, and we werenâ€t the wiser.

6.       Their help doesnâ€t stop with just wedding planning. Aimee and Karen gave us a ton of advice on where we should go on our honeymoon in Costa Rica. This makes sense since theyâ€ve planned so many wedding in so many different places.

7.       They can plan the full package. If youâ€re not a planner and lose sleep at the thought of getting your guests from the airport to the resort, or putting on a welcome dinner or cocktail party, donâ€t worry, Tropical Occasions has you covered. They will help you plan as much, or as little, as you need. My parents put on the rehearsal dinner, but Tropical Occasions sent them caterer options for them to choose from. They knocked our welcome dinner out of the park, and they can plan just about any other thing you could dream up…theyâ€ve already done that exact thing 100 times.


I can safely say that there is no conceivable way that we could have even had a wedding, let alone such a perfect one without Tropical Occasions. At the conclusion of our year and a half of planning, thereâ€s also no other PEOPLE, I would want to have shared that experience with than Aimee and Karen.

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