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Dreams November 2013

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Hello Ladies!


My fiance and I just decided Dreams is the place for our November 2013 wedding. 


I have a couple of questions:


1) Can you do your reception on the beach...with a dance floor and music?  I like the bonfire on the beach themed night as my reception with our dinner at the beach?  We are only have 20 people so I was wondering if they can bring a table down to the beach and we can have dinner there.  Then party, dance, drink and bonfire on the beach.


2) We obviously want to plan a thank you for coming excursion or fun family event.  What has everyone done and enjoyed the most?  ATV/quading, seadooing, fishing excursion, sail boat...??


3) It sounds like some of you have gone a la carte while others have gone with a package?  My fiance and I don't have high expectations as we are having a huge reception when we get home so do you think its better to go a la carte or a package?


4) Wouldn't the rehersal dinner be complimentary if we just booked a table for 20 at one of the restaurants because this is an all inclusive resort?


5) Is staying for 7 nights too long? Will we get bored of the food and things to do there if we stay a week?


6) Can you walk down the beach at Dreams to any of the neighboring resorts and go have a drink at another hotels bar for a change of scenary?


7) My fiance and I aren't going to be able to make a trip to Dreams before the wedding.  Is this a bad thing?


8) Has anyone used the make-up, and hair people that are included in the package?  Are they good?


Alright I could go on with a million more but I'll stop for now. :)


Soooo excited!




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