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AlexisinJamaica's Secrets St. James 4.27.13 Planning Journal

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Can u email ur invite templates.



Hi there!


The passport invites were not a template-- I purchased them completely made from my seller. My thread has all the info if you check back (page 1), and I even link off to a thread just on the invites. But if you want to go the DIY route several of the ladies on here have great ideas and templates! Good luck!


@alexisinjamaica I am getting married in Riviera Maya but am doing coral, turquoise, and gray chevron and will definitely be referencing this planning thread you have so many awesome ideas!


Aww thanks so much! Happy planning!


Whew!! i went through an awful lot just to log into this site.  If you could please PLEASE let me know how and where you downloaded the logo?!  It's super cute.  I have been eyeing your thread for months now hoping I could find it on my own.  Any info you have would be great.


Haha thank you! The logo was not a download. I made it myself by finding a fun font from a free download site (I will try to remember which one and get back to you!) and then I just typed it in my purple colors, slapped on some purple palm trees I found on a Google search, and our initials and date. I did it all in Word, that's how easy it was!

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I love the passport invites. I've been looking at a bunch of passport/ boarding passes and i think this passport is my favorite! thanks for sharing!

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