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mrs p 2 be

are there any uk grand palladium lady hamalton brides out there?

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Hey ladies


It's been a while sorry, it's been crazy this end.


Hope everyone is sorted for Xmas and not getting too stressed. I'm just about to do some wedding stuff.....not sure what yet lol



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Hi Girls! im back! x

 Hello Ladies!

i'm a married lady now and i tell you what, it was the most perfect day in every way and i wouldnt have changed anything!!! please ask me any questions, sorry i havent been on for ages, i lost my password and just havent had to time to come on tbh, had the after party back home too and already sent out our thank you postcards, all over now : ( even put my dress into the dry cleaners. i have wedding blues, i even dreamt of trying on my dress again last night?! weird! lol.

i hope all of your plans are going well, you have nothing to worry about. Leading up to the wedding the 5 days i was there before i was a different me, being around all of our friends and family trying to spend time with everyone, me feeling like i was stressing WAY more than richard and like i was doing almost EVERYTHING BUT the day of the wedding i was like 'lets do this' and after the wedding i was back to calm, relaxed laid back me and it was BLISS! LOL.

we had the steel band for an hour at blue lagoon after our meal, that was a good start to get everyone up and dancing, after our first song of course, once everyone had a few drinks, all the men (and some ladies) decided to jump from blue lagoon into the pool! i had a smile on my face the whole time and the food was amazing! true colours photographers got some outstanding pictures and everyones very impressed with them!


hope your all well




Mrs Gurrey xxxx

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Hi mrs gurrey


so nice to hear everything went well im having that stress at the moment that everything will go wrong!!


16 weeks today!!!!


Xxxxx vicki

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Mrs Gurrey!!!
Congratulations on saying 'I DO'. I bet it was beautiful, so glad to hear everything went really well.
A couple of my friends have said they had wedding blues after their weddings, they didn't know what to do with their time after planning the wedding for months =)
I have soooo many questions for you haha, hope you don't mind =)
Im flying out 3 weeks on Monday cant believe how fast its coming around now, I still feel like nothings organised properly tho, im just hoping when we get there we can put a lid on it all and relax .
We are getting married at the gazebo then having a cocktail hour with steel drums then reception at the blue lagoon.
Did you see any other weddings while you was there? How many guests did you have?
We have 19-23 guests, I was a lil worried the blue lagoon would be too big for that amount of ppl, I asked the WC and she said they could section it off smaller so its more cosy, do you think that would work? im in two minds about the blue lagoon or private beach bash I really cant decide.
How was your tables set out? I would like a top table then round ones but iv seen like a 'n' shape table that looks more cosy for a small wedding party.
How did you get on with true colours, have you seen any of your pics yet? we have booked them too, and the videography.
Rite I have so many more questions but ill leave it at that for now haha.
Cant wait to hear from you =)

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Mrs p to be and Jenny,


Everything will work out fine, trust me!!! theres no need to stress at all!! i know everything seems up in the air atm but everything will fall into place how you want it im sure!

right where to start?!

I saw or heard of a couple of weddings going on when we were out there but i didnt want to see too much to ruin my expectations of it all, plus maybe i was a tad too nervous to even look! lol

the day before our wedding whilst i was going back and forth to room to take table decs, bridesmaid and groom gifts to wedding shop, it started to rain at 2 (which was my time) and saw the stafff moving the chairs etc from the beach to the spa area, this obviously worried me a bit but i actually ahd a nail appt at the spa around the time of the wedding and saw how it was set up and it looked beauitiful, the setting was just as pretty and tbh i was a tad worried how i'd cope in the sun on the beach as my dress had twelve layers and 3 hoops!!! (also not that impressed with french maicure i had either) BUT it turned out on the day, we had perfect weather, the sun was out and we had a lovely breeze, it was still boiling taking our pics etc and did make me feel a bit shattered but i was loving it! we were worried about what we were going to do between after the wedding till 6 for the reception but we were taking pics on the beach etc just the two of us and we had to get a golf cart to take us back to main reception and by then it was 6, didnt even have time to freshen up or anything and our guests took pics with us on the grand staircase etc and after that they all went to the bar in between.

With true colours, as i'd been there before i knew where i'd wanted some of the pics taken and who with etc so emailed them previously to going out there and they actually had my email on them and done every shot i asked for, i suggest going to the small jetty on coral bay beach as the sun is going down, they came out so good and everyone is really impressed by them, if u want add me on facebook Nicola Gurrey and you'll see all of our pics and get a good idea of how beautiful its going to be! as we had been away 10 nights after jamaica on our honeymoon we actually had our memory stick already delivered to us on our arrival so that was really good, i do admit though im sure i remember them taking a couple of pics on the day that werent on trhe stick but we had over 400 pics so i have PLENTY to choose from anyway and all so good!

we had 35 people, we had a top table with us mums and dads and then 4 round tables with between 6-8 people (8 being max anyway), table in front we had family, next to them we had bridesmaids and best men, partners etc and two back tables with our friends. I would say the blue lagoon was perfect for our party and the view is so pretty with the sun going down and sea behind us, i would suggest getting the uplighting for the pillars, i agree it is alot of money but it really made it look that much more impressive. Im sure they can cut the area off a bit more to make it smaller, next to your section you will have your own bar so it will be cut off so you have your area right next to this, which may work out better for guests as we could have easily had a smaller section but we didnt mind the huge space, the meal and speaches were intimate and then we had that whole other section to dance, if you look at my pics you'll understand more! you will be shown around a couple of days before anyway where everything will be and you'll be able to explain how you want it to look, in the blue lagoon they have hanging lights, i bought different colour/sized paper pom poms which matched my theme from ebay, really cheap and asked them to hang them down from lights which they did and they looked really good, i bought them kinda last minute and wish i'd bought way more but they look really good if your thinking of how to dress it up a bit more on a budget!

sorry for the essay, i tend to get carried away! lol, but let me know of anymore questions or just add me up on facebook and let me know what you think!


Nic xxx

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Hi Nic,


Thanks for all the info, I have added you on facebook really excited to see your pics =)


Just you sharing your wedding and experience has really helped, made me feel less worried if you know what I mean.


That's nice that the weather was on your side, I havnt been to the hotel b4 but from seeing the pics of the spa area it looks lovely and I wouldn't mind if we had to move indoors but fingers crossed the sun will shine =)


We was originally getting married in the UK, it was all booked a bought my dress and everything but we had a huge change of plan (family can be a pain in the arse lol) and decided to pull the plug n go abroad and im so glad we are....anyway I bought my dress thinking it would be this country in the winter and its pretty big, has so many layers im so worried about being to hot, I really don't want to sell it tho, I love it....So hearing what you said about your dress I am relieved that im not the only one who hasn't got  a small, light, cool sensible summer wedding dress haha.


Our wedding is at 2pm as well then onto the reception at 6....inbetween we are having the cocktail hour and photos


Where would you recommend to have our pics taken? I like the look of the balcony little window and the sunset pictures.They have just emailed me now asking if I have any special requirements.


I have asked for the up lighting at the Blue Lagoon, it looks so nice on the pics, I think it will defo be worth he money. I love the sound of your own lighting too, really good idea.


What colour scheme did you have? im having coral, white and silver...hoping they have the uplight colur in coral.


Did you take your own flowers or have them from the hotel?


Did you have your hair done in the salon? I have booked in for me and my bridesmaid, but praying they can do the style I want.


anyway im rambleing on again, speak soon =)

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Hey nic!!!


Awww it's so nice to here from you & read about your wedding after we have all been counting down the months together on here! Congratulations!!! :D so pleased for you that it was such a perfect day. You have made me relax so much hearing that everything went well! Sounds like it was a beautiful location at the grand palladium!


I also have a few questions if that's okay :) I've been stressing lately as its been getting closer so quickly!


Did you manage to run through things with the wedding coordinator fairly soon after arriving?


Were they okay with bringing your own decorations for the ceremony & reception? I have lots to bring over plus I'm taking my own flowers. Did they charge you extra for this?


Your reception sounded amazing, we have also booked the blue lagoon! Did you hire a DJ? If so, who did you use? And are the hotel strict about finishing up at 10pm?


What package did you book with true colors? I'm thinking about the 2 or 3 hour package but not sure if this will be long enough. Like your idea about emailing them the list of photo ideas too!


Would live to see your photos hope you don't mind me adding you on Facebook.


Sophie :) xxx

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Hi Nic


Congratulations hunni.


Sounds like your wedding was amazing, and really lovely to hear all about it!


Is there any tips that you recommend to take or stuff that we shouldn't bother with as I can got a bit OTT and thinking luggage allowance lol


ladies hope you had a lovely Christmas & have a fab NYE


OHHHH I got our wedding rings today and I love them I want to wear it now


Anyway off to bed as I can barely keep my eyes open.....I do pick the wrong times to come on here lol xx

Ps Nic


I've added you on Facebook to have a nosey at your pics as our colour schemes are similar plus we're planning on using true colours xx

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Im getting married in April 2014 at The Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton. im from Toronto. im still looking for my photographer, anyone else still looking?

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Hi guys,


First of all congratulations on your upcoming weddings ;)! I have been stalking these forums forever now and finally decided to join.


We are doing a renewal of vows on the 11th of February at GPLH, really coming up super fast, and I just can´t wait!!


Is any of you going around the same time as us? We are flying out of London on the 6thof February.


How is everybodys planning going?



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