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so happy I went with Zuluspro Photography

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Chris Clare at Zuluspro Photography is truly an admirable photographer. We are extremely pleased with the services provided and the final product. His work his original, creative, and dare I say… sexy.


My husband and I were very excited to have a destination wedding, but apprehensive of hiring a "resort photographer". We didnâ€t want the same old photos that every other couple getting married at the resort had. We wanted to have someone who could capture the essence of "our day". Hiring Zuluspro Photography, he did exactly that and then some.


Finding a photographer in another country wasnâ€t something we took lightly. After many searches, I came across Zuluspro's Blog, I was so intrigued. By the 4th photo archive I viewed of his work, I knew we had to hire him for our wedding day. When I got in contact with Chris, he responded immediately. We corresponded via email, which was surprisingly easy. He asked many questions about our wants and needs, and expressed very clearly what to expect from him. His prices were great and worth every penny for his amazing work.


When our wedding day arrived, Chris and his team member Paul showed up bright and early, ready to go. Finally meeting Chris in person was comforting. He is a warm and pleasant person. He took my husband and I out early in the day to capture just the two of us. Thanks to his visions on where he wanted to shoot us, we were lucky enough to see spectacular waterfalls, heritage sites and an amazing little fishing village. While we travelled to destination to destination, he spoke about his country and the beautiful locations he took us. Chris is a proud man, and we truly had the pleasure listening to his love of his island.


We had the time of our lives while Chris worked his magic. He took the time, was dedicated(even laid on the road with on coming traffic) to get the shots he wanted, he also shared the pictures with us between shots which was a pleasure to see.


Chris was able to catch so many special moments between my husband and me, our beautiful children and our friends and family. We had an amazing once in lifetime experience, and we are so proud to share our day through beautiful pictures with everyone.


Hiring Zuluspro Photography was the icing on our wedding cake! We can't thank you enough!







Stephanie & Bruno Gagnon

Sunset Jamaica Grande

November 5th, 2012

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That sounds like a really amazing day! I've heard a few good things about him, can I ask what type of package you had? I am very committed to finding a photographer who is unique and takes beautiful shots, there is nothing worse to me than traveling all the way to an exotic country to have boring photos we could have had taken anywhere. I think that too often people think wedding photography has to always be the same, when photography can be really beautiful art when the photographer is passionate about his craft.

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We are also considering this awesome photography, a big step out of the norm!!! I love his work and I am now waiting on contact from him. Mega excited!!!!!

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