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Sandals St. Lucia- King size bed DILEMMA

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Question that I hope someone can help me out with. My fiance and I really like the Sandals resorts, especially the Sandals in St. Lucia. They have everything that we want, but there is one problem. I hear that because it is considered a "couples" resort, they only have king size beds in each and every room. We are going to have a fairly large wedding, with those that are single and sharing rooms. We want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible, after all they are spending the money. One king size bed and no other accomodations was truly a deal breaker for us. Has anyone else had this problem with Sandals and do they accomodate in anyway for guests invited to the wedding??


We are looking for an all inclusive resort, that is lively with great night life, and WANT a club. It's hard finding a resort in St. Lucia with these certain points.  Any suggestions??

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