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Has anyone or IS anyone planning their reception at the RIU for a private reception?

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Hi All, our wedding plans for November 2013 in the Bahamas is well underway! woot.gif


We've decided on the RIU Paradise Island as the resort for us and our guests (approx 75) to stay since we love the idea that it is AI, and it is right beside Atlantis.  (plus we both stayed there 4 years ago on our first trip together).


We didn't want a beach wedding, so we're having it at the CLOISTERS, but... we still aren't sure as to where we will have our reception!?  We thought it'd be easier to have it at the RIU, but we want to have a private reception.  It sounds as though a semi-private reception would mean that other guests could potentially also use the restaurant, and they don't allow music... definitely not what we are looking for.


So, wondering if anyone out there has used the RIU's private ballroom?? or is planning to?? there aren't any pictures on the web...how does it fare in terms of atmosphere... options for decor...food selection...


Or if you have any suggestions on comparable price points for other reception venues??  (Atlantis and O&O are above our budget for the amount of guests we're having)... that would be helpful!

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