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Secrets Capri - How did you block off rooms for guests

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I think I've narrowed down the location for our fall 2013 destination wedding to Secrets Capri. I've been working directly with the hotel's wedding coordinator for the last 3 weeks through email. She recently quoted me a decent pp per night rate for rooms. In order to block off the rooms, we need to sign the contract and pay the first night for each room.    Here is the issue, we have not sent out our invitations because we haven't secured a date/location. I have an estimate of how many guests will attend/how many rooms we may need. I'm worried that if I pay for these rooms, I may have less guests attend and loose the money. Or, even worse, since our wedding is in the Fall, what if there is a tropical storm or hurricane that prevents everyone from going.   I guess I have to wait to see the final contract language to figure out all the "what-ifs". But what I want to know - is this normal procedure for blocking off rooms? Would I not have to block off rooms/secure the date this way if I was working with a travel agent? 

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