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I am looking to get married at the Moon Palace in early May 2014.  I am not sure where to start, I am new at this, lol.  Basically, we will have about 10 guests, plus me, my fiance, and his daughter.  We are hoping to stay for our honeymoon after the wedding as his daughter will be going back with family but we will be spending a few days before the wedding also.  We want to use the complimentary package as we just want something simple.  I was wondering if anyone else has gone with the complimentary package and if so, what are your thoughts?  Also, are there certain things I should be aware of or ask the WC about concerning activities to do as a group and not really a reception but a little celebration after the wedding?  We are looking to keep the cost as low as possible and only really want to spend around $6000 including accommodations but not travel.  Also, our guests will be paying their own way. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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