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will you be my maid of honor?!

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It's me again, Maui bride, August 17, 2013. I wanted to show my "will you be my bridesmaid?" boxes that I did, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures & only have the two above from Stephanie & none from Meghan. But I can give you the poems that I gave to them & tell you what I put in the boxes..

Stephanie is my best friend. She's going to be my maid of honor & Meghan, who is another best friend is my matron of honor. Because I only have two bridesmaids, I thought it would make it nicer & easier to do maid & matron. Not to mention, my relationships with the are different & very important in their own way.

Meghan & I have been friends for abot 7 years now, through thick & thin. my deepest & darkest secrets. When I needed a place to sleep, it was her house. When I needed to be alone, she'd ask no questions, & wait for me to talk. We met at work, Applebee's, 7 years ago & I'm so grateful to have met her.

Stephanie, my black baby momma. NO, I'm not racist & I mean it out of love, really. She has two boys, 3&2 years old, who mean the world to me. We thought er having them would tear  us apart, when in fact, they have kept us together & closer, which I thank god everyday she's my best friend. We, too, met at work, Applebee's, about 5 years ago!


The poems:







Stephanie Teresa  will  you  be  my   Maid   of   Honor?

Will you take an eleven-hour flight, thatâ€s almost 5,000 miles, for my special day? Will you sacrifice your sick days to deal with me and all my wishes and wants? Will you hold my hand on my wedding day? Will you not only be my very best friend and sister from another mister (and mama), but my psychiatrist too? Will you wipe away my tears, good or bad, so I donâ€t ruin my make-up? Will you be nice to me no matter how much of a bitch I am? Will you smile for the thousands of pictures that will be taken? Will you wear make-up, although you never do, for me, because Iâ€m asking you oh so nicely? Will you try to grow your hair so long or buy a nice weave to have a fancy hairstyle? Will you bite your tongue when I say I look fat in my dress? Will you get on the dance floor, look like a fool, flap those wings, to get the party started? Lastly, but oh so important, will you hold my dress each and every time I have to pee?

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I completely forgot to write what i put in it! 


Bridesmaids the DVD

Pandora bracelet (for Meghan, because she doesn't have one)

Kate Spade bracelet (for Steph because she has a Pandora)




 INSIDE READS: best friend ever

outside reads: "birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair, partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekicks."


Hawaii stickers (we all sort of scrapbook)

a lint roller (because I'm so OCD, it's more of a joke)

a ring pop (because it's my turn to "pop" the question)

Pandora charm (for both girls)




all in a beautiful box from Michaels!


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