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Jinele Fracasso

Now Jade 2014 BRIDE

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Hello Ladies! I am getting married at the Now Jade May 3, 2014!! We were lucky enough to see it in person and its gorgeous! The food and staff were amazing. After meeting with Pilar and her team I know I have nothing to worry about. It can at times, take a while to hear back from them. The hotel has multiple weddings a day, every day. I can only imagine how many inquiries they get! I am using Stacy with A Girls Gotta Go Travel Agency. She is just handling the travel for my guests, however I let her know that I was having difficulty getting through to them to confirm a wedding date and she called them, confirmed my date and I made a deposit that day! There are many other brides who have the same complaints as we all did,  but it does seem to be a common complaint with destination weddings. There are some really good Now Jade threads on here that helped me get the info I needed to make a decision. Whenever I email Pilar, she does get back to me. Even though sometimes it can take a few weeks. We couldn't be more excited. Best wishes to you all!!



I've been looking into using " A girls gotta go" for wedding planning? any pointers or how did you feel about their service? 


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