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ROR Former and Future Brides!!!!!

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Hello Former and Future ROR Brides,


I am having quite a lil dilemma...As much as I would love to Have my Ceremony and Reception at ROR it seems to be getting a little more and more difficult as far as guests. I am booked and confirmed at the ROR in July 2013. I opted to go with the free package and do upgrades. Now here is my lil situation!...lol...My husband is from jamaica. We are renewing our vows (14yrs) this year July. For the free package I can get the minimum 5 room bookings from guests the only issue is that I dont think 80% of my guests would be staying at the resort. Now I am up in the air. Because I would love to know if I can have my ceremony only at the resort and have my reception elsewhere. I am thinking The Ruins at the Falls in Ocho Rios. I always dreamt of having a DW but the 80/20 rule the hotel has... looks like it may be an issue. Has anyone just done the ceremony at RIU and reception elsewhere?...if so did you still have to pay the astronomical day pass of $80pp...Im just afraid of having over 40 people and having to be forced to pay thousands later on and it seems as though theres more and more fees with the resort...Can someone help shed a light?...Im hoping to be able to plan the ceremony at the resort and have my reception off grounds...Im trying to go the most economical way but any way I slice the cake it costs something I cant seem to find a middle ground.

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