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Any Playacar Palace Brides 2014?

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#81 MrsTobeD

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    Posted 30 July 2013 - 09:23 AM

    I am not going to say that you will not be allowed to do the Tiki torch idea but I asked the wedding coordinator during my visit as I witnessed a wedding, and she said there is nothing they can do or rope off the area, even ask anyone to move because it is a public beach. That was the main reason I switched from PP to Moon Palace. 


    It is a shame, I loved the beach and PP is so in the right location... 

    Originally Posted by Dru Allison 

    I just posted this in a different PP thread but think it might serve well here too...  I just got back 3 days ago from my visit to the Riviera Maya to look for venues.  I didn't have to look to far once I got there.  We stayed at Playacar Palace and absolutely LOVED it!!!  Their beach is just stunning and the customer service I received from everyone planning my trip out there and upon arrival was just outstanding.  That being said, I looked at secrets and contacted other resorts, the lack of response and willingness to assist me without involving a travel agent had me already pretty annoyed by every other resort.  I do not think 5 days to respond to an email is acceptable, and as it gets closer to the wedding date if that were to happen.. look out!  But I digress.  There is so much to do between Senor Frogs and 5th street at Playacar, I think everyone coming will have a blast.  


    My only bit of advice I'm looking for from all of you ladies; I got to see a wedding while I was there and it was stunning. The only thing I didn't really care for were all of the people surrounding the wedding and gawking.  I understand that since it is so public there is not much to be done and after seeing more resorts I also understand that its pretty much like that doing a wedding at any resort, but some of these people were REALLY close.  Two young boys in bathing suits sitting right behind the chairs watching and talking, people behind the ceremony (between the ceremony and the water, kind of killing any ceremony pictures with the water in the background), people just on the beach that didn't seem to care what was going on (one oblivious girl even let her dog run wild).  In between the bridesmaids walking down the stairs three girls in bikinis ran down the stairs.  


    I definitely understand that this is a public beach and a crowded resort and I can't have it all to myself :)  But I don't want random people in bathing suits in my pictures or kids in bathing suits walking ahead of me as I head down the isle.  


    A girlfriend of mine suggested tiki torches with ribbon tying them together to kind of rope it off.  Would this be allowed?  Has anyone else done anything like this to rope off areas and is that allowed on public beaches?  I think one of the ladies at the resorts was joking about hiring some family to muscle the beach for us during the ceremony haha and I wouldn't be opposed to that if we could do that...  Maybe dress them up like federales and arm them with waterguns?  Thanks all!!

    #82 ange82

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      Posted 02 August 2013 - 08:20 AM

      Congrats!! We actually just booked our wedding date January 25 2014 (Very soon) and we also booked through destination weddings.com. Do you mind me asking how much you ended up getting your blocked rooms for? 


      Thanks so much!!

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        Posted 02 August 2013 - 04:20 PM

        I didnt check out Beach Palace because I personally I despise Cancun.  I dont like it for so many reasons.  Feels like a commercial american mall with las vegas neon on the water. not classy to me.  BUT i like to explore, if you plan on staying on location in the resort the whole time, my opinions about the town are a moot point.

         I liked how Playacar Palace is right near the town of playa.  PLaya is more village like and quaint.  the vibe is much smaller and mexican feeling.  I liked that my guests could walk out the front of the resort and explore town.  I have been to Riviera Maya 6 times, twice in cancun and 4 in playa.  We just prefer playa hands down, and thought my guests would like it better too.   

        #84 RachelHolmes21

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          Posted 01 September 2013 - 10:35 PM

          Hi Ladies!


          I am booked for June 14, 2014 at PP! I have read hours and hours of posts for tips, advice, etc. I very much appreciate everyone sharing their experiences. I have stayed at the Beach Palace and Playacar just seemed like the natural decision. Go with what you know, right?!?! I plan on doing the complimentary package, but I have to admit all of these vendor fees are starting to worry me. Have any of you had any success in bringing your own decor? Using outside florists? Maybe if I can save money in those areas, I can afford to splurge on the ludicrous DJ and PA system fees??? Any feedback or pdfs you can provide would be GREATLY appreciated!



          #85 KayRay23

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            Posted 04 September 2013 - 11:06 AM



            I have recently booked my wedding at Playacar Palace for May 4, 2014! We are planning to have 75 guests. I have been reading tons of reviews and blogs, so I figured I'd join the party! I am planning to do a site visit in the next couple months. Does anyone know if you can select the locations for ceremony/cocktail hour/ reception during the site visit? Congrats to all the other brides! How exciting!

            #86 RachelHolmes21

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              Posted 04 September 2013 - 04:20 PM

              FYI -- below is an email from the sales team regarding external vendor fees. Insane! R Rocio Rioja to me 5 hours agoDetails Dear Rachel: Below you can see my comments regard your questions. Regards, Rocio Weddings De: Rachel Holmes [mailto:rachelholmes21@gmail.com] Enviado el: lunes, 02 de septiembre de 2013 12:53 p.m. Para: Rocio Rioja Asunto: Re: ** Wedding by Palace Resorts ** BB#1245206 ** W Holmes/Stephens 14/06/14 16hrs ** Hi Rocio, Thank you for always replying so promptly, I greatly appreciate your timely assistance. This weekend I have done hours and hours of research and have a few questions I hope you can answer. I am actually now considering having the complimentary wedding and splurging on the private functions, DJ, photographer, etc. Please let me kow: 1. What is the cost for the resort preferred DJ?[RRioja] It depends on the type of package. Brochure attached. 2. What are the resort fees associated with hiring an outside DJ?[RRioja] For 2014, the cost for each external vendor is $800 USD. 3. What are the resort fees associated with hiring an outside photographer? [RRioja] For 2014, the policies is that all external vendors have to pay $800 USD. Can you use a day pass for them?[RRioja] It was our policy for 2013. For 2014 it is going to apply the above info. -- Who is the resort preffered photographer? [RRioja] We do have two providers. Enclosed you can see the Do you have a link for their website?[RRioja] For Ocean photo is www.oceanphotostudio.com, the official website for Sarani comes in the brochure. 4. What are the resort fees with hiring an outside makeup artist? [RRioja] It is the same as above. Can you use a day pass for them?[RRioja] It is not possible. 5. Do you have a pricing list for the spa services onsite? It is my understanding $300 of your resort credit can be used towards the spa. Is this correct?[RRioja] Yes,it is correct. You need stay at least 5 nights in order to get the 1500 RC and use 300 of them for spa services. Enclosed you can find the info for 2013. 6. Do you have a pricing list for linens, sashes, table runners, etc? [RRioja] Enclosed you can find the prices from one of our providers for 2013. It is possible that these prices increase for next year. 7. If I bring my own linens, sashes, table ruinners, centerpieces, etc. - How much does the resort charge to setup the ceremony and reception areas?[RRioja] It begins for $100 USD, it is subject to change due the fact that on site coordinator need to see first the difficulty of the set up in order to give you the right price. Download entire message 4 attachments JSAV Weddings 2013 -- Unforgettable Experiences_Palace Resorts.pdf · Print PHOTOVIDEO PACKAGES PALACE-LE BLANC 2013.pdf · Print MENU SPA Palace Resort credits.pdf · Print PRICE LIST - GAMA GROUP - 2013.pdf · Print

              #87 shellycotts

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                Posted 18 September 2013 - 07:19 PM

                I'm all set! Playacar Palace June 28, 2014 at 6:00pm!!!! The most stressful part is over! (I hope!?!?)

                #88 ktov09

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                  Posted 22 September 2013 - 11:21 AM

                  RachelHolmes21, I'm thinking about having my wedding at Playacar Palace and I read your message. I was wondering if you could post or send all the attachments listed at the bottom?

                  #89 ktov09

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                    Posted 22 September 2013 - 11:23 AM

                    Hi RachelHolmes21, I was wondering if you could post or send me the attachments that are listed at the end of that email? Thanks!

                    #90 Hillary Diana

                    Hillary Diana
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                      Posted 24 September 2013 - 09:07 AM

                      Hi everyone,


                      My fianc© and I are booking the date November 22, 2014.  Has anyone gone through wedding planners while booking your wedding?  How has the service been with this resort in the past?



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