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Photographer Fee

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Hi Everyone,

  I am hoping that you all would be able to help me. I am planning to have my wedding in Punta Cana next year and is seeking a resort that DOES NOT have an outside photographer's fee. I had Paradius Palma Real on my list, but I found out that they charge $1000, so they are now crossed off my list.


Do you know of any family &/or adult only resort that does not charge a photographer fee?

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you!!!

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Hi there,


I don't know the answer to this unfortunately, but have you tried asking Paradisus who their regular photographer is? In some cases, resorts work with specific vendors for things and if you use their preferred vendor you don't have to pay the additional fee. I think it's more common with cake or flowers, but worth a shot to ask if it'll potentially save you some money. Good luck!

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