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Grand Sunset Princess 2014 Bride!!!!

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#31 nicolesu

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    Posted 12 November 2013 - 02:09 PM

    Hey all! just wondering about music for the ceremony? What are your plans. My WC sent me a list off options such as live Caribbean trio, classical music duo etc. or are people just having their own music ? Also we are coming from Canada so trying to go light on decorations... Are people bringing down centerpieces?

    #32 PaulSchrank

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      Posted 13 November 2013 - 10:01 AM

      Here's a Sikh wedding we shot at the Grand Sunset Princess:


      #33 MrsHK

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      • Wedding Date:May 22, 2013
      • Wedding Location:Cabañas Tulum & The Beach Hotel | Tulum, Mexico
      • LocationFrom Vancouver, BC | Living in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

      Posted 20 November 2013 - 10:25 AM

      Hello Grand Sunset Princess brides! Congrats on your upcoming weddings! :) This post is for any brides interested in affordable, unique decor for your big day.


      I'm a newlywed from Vancouver, Canada that lives down here in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I have quite a few decor items leftover from our wedding in May, mostly in a rustic vintage style. I've decided to rent things out to brides that don't want to lug things like vases & mason jars down here to Mexico, and have priced things quite fairly compared to the resorts' prices. A lot of these items are also very hard to find down here, and many brides have been happy to find my collection of wedding decor.


      I have a lots of different types of bottles, mason jars, vases and lanterns, as well as a variety of other items like wooden signs & frames, table runners, rustic birdcages, string lighting and even a portable sound system.

      If you want a Style Me Pretty or Ruffled type of wedding in Mexico without a huge price tag, I'm your gal! So far no one has had to pay an outside vendor fee at all, as they tell their WC that they have brought the decor themselves. I'm also always interested in buying items that brides bring down and would like to sell after their weddings, please send me photos of anything you'd like to sell!

      If you'd like to see some photos and a price list, please send me a PM with your email address and I'll send you all the info. Also if anyone has any questions about the area, ask away! I've lived in Playa Del Carmen for two years and know the whole coast quite well. Happy planning ladies!


      Here's a couple of photos of some items we used in our wedding and that are for rent, but I have lots more:


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      Are you interested in an affordable decor rental in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico? Send me a message! Most of the items I have are a rustic, vintage style.

      And the Next Day, We Were Married: http://www.luckygirl...mikee-e-session
      Our Tulum Wedding - Parte Uno: http://www.luckygirl...iesta-parte-uno
      Our Tulum Wedding - Parte Dos: http://www.luckygirl...iesta-parte-dos

      Tulum Wedding Video: http://loveandrum.co...o-katy-mikee-hk
      Anniversary! One Year Later: http://www.luckygirl...lladolid-mexico

      #34 Kaed

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        Posted 10 December 2013 - 11:36 AM

        Has anyone found a Quote price from their wedding planners yet? It seems so hard to budget because everything is per person. Also is anyone thinking of renting out a restaurant for the night before for rehearsal? And how about flowers? Is anyone using outside vendors? I find the flowers they are offering are a bit overpriced! 

        #35 WinnipegBride

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        • Wedding Date:December 3, 2014
        • Wedding Location:Mayan Riviera
        • LocationGrand Sunset Princess All Suites

        Posted 12 December 2013 - 11:00 AM

        I have not confirmed a date yet, but am looking at doing a wedding early Dec 2014 for GSP.  Just wondering for everyone who has already booked, which wedding package did you choose? I am looking at "symbolic" but seems odd that pricing varies so much between the Princess Package and "renewal of vows" package.  Also for those who are looking at doing a beach party afterwards, do you need to have a minimum of 40 adults like they are stating in their wedding information?  I will MAYBE have 25-30, definitely wont come close to the 40 mark.... :(  This looks like a really cool idea though, and more intimate than just doing a dinner...Any advice or information would be great!!

        #36 n0tURavrgeBride

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          Posted 29 January 2014 - 04:14 PM

          Hi I have heard & read from multiple people that their photographer is really good, however I have heard & read mixed things about the DJ. Apparently if you have an MC who can assist the DJ, or help direct them towards the types of music your group likes then it generally works out a lot better. We are definitely going with their DJ for our beach reception afterwards. Cheers!


          Originally Posted by n0tURavrgeBride go_quote.gif

          Hi all!!!



          Now I'm starting to move on to my my phase 2 planning.... picking flowers, cake, chairs and all of that good stuff (all the option that the resort gives to you at least).

          However, I have a few questions and hope you guys can help me out......


          Does anyone know of how good their DJ is, as well as the photographers????


          I can NOT imagine playing music out of a CD PLAYER on the day of my wedding, so i'm really concerned about the whole music thing. I want to be able to party and dance on that day, so music is essential to me.


          Not sure if I should look for an outside photographer or if the resort ones are good enough, if anyone has any tips, advice or has had some experience with their photographer please help!!





          Hi mandabear80!!!  


          Thanks for that heads up!!!  I have decided NOT to go for the resort photographer. I really don't like their pics…. unless someone can miraculously show me good pics from them.


          I will however stick to their DJ… i have no choice:/ I don't want to spend more money on a local DJ, who i will also have to pay their entrance to…. F$#@ that! lol


          On a better note!!! I really think I have chosen the Photographer (MTM). They are so awesome, I just wish that it would be a little cheaper or at least more time for the price. To have to pay thousands for just a couple of hours, stresses me out. 


          How much would you say it's normal, too much, or cheap for wedding photography???

          #37 WinnipegBride

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          • Wedding Date:December 3, 2014
          • Wedding Location:Mayan Riviera
          • LocationGrand Sunset Princess All Suites

          Posted 02 March 2014 - 11:36 AM

          If you don't mind my asking, what did MTM quote you for pricing?  I am looking at doing an outside vendor for my wedding Dec 03 2014 as well and MTM is in the running for work that I seem to like... Pricing seems to range from $1500-$4000+ which seems a bit insane to me (plus the outside vendor fees).

          Also, where have you seen sample pictures from their resort photographer? I cannot seem to find any..


          #38 gallardo films

          gallardo films
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            Posted 04 March 2014 - 10:12 AM

            Hi ladies!
            We're Gallardo Films wedding cinematographers at Cancun and Mayan Riviera.
            We like to share all of our experiences to make you witnesses of those moments
            that you'll live soon as future husbands and wives.
            So, I hope you like this emotive wedding video captured at the Dreams Riviera Cancun.
            Happy planning! 

            #39 mbear2014

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            • Wedding Date:May 5, 2014
            • Wedding Location:Mayan Riviera, Grand Sunset Princess
            • LocationCalgary, Alberta

            Posted 20 March 2014 - 02:03 PM

            Wow I forgot to make use of this website!


            Are there any early May 2014 GSP brides still checking this?


            I am booked for the beach gazebo at 4:00pm May 5th where you pay an additional $800 to have them set chairs up in sand. Hah... my fiancé said it was really important to him.


            We chose the symbolic ceremony (800$), the Ibeza (?) gala room (150$) and their DJ (650$).


            I hired an outside photographer, www.playaweddings.com. $3000.00USD for 7 hours of photos so we are doing a first look session prior to the ceremony. :)


            Doing my own hair and make up, heard the salon at GSP is very outdated in their styles.


            Due to setbacks financially we have not done any decorations.... if you want to sell your decorations to me if you will be there when we fly in the last week of April or up til May 4th please contact me!

            I decided to use their flowers for me and the girls since my bouquet was included in our package.


            Is anyone else slightly upset that if your guests are not platinum guests they cannot visit you? I have to pay for a 'pass' for my own mother to come in to the platinum suites area on the day of our wedding. Ridiculous.

            #40 aborgesbride

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            • Wedding Date:January 24, 2015
            • Wedding Location:Ocean Coral & Turquesa, Riviera Maya

            Posted 01 April 2014 - 04:37 AM


            Hi, Im still in the planning process & my travel agent keeps receommending this resort for my wedding location, just wondering if you have received any pricing on wedding reception for after dinner?? If your doing one that is loll

            The wedding pacakge is pretty good, but i can only see the one for 2013??? just wondering if you have any current quotes to share?


            Thanks alot!

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