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Hi All,


I am getting married at the Moon Palace May 2013. I am coming from the UK with 11 of us including the bride and groom, I seem to be having a few issues as to how I would like my big day to go, there is a min of 20 people for the private function which I find annoying as I should not be penalised due to only 11 of us coming, it has cost thousands already just to get us there from the UK before we have even paid for the wedding.... My co ordinate has said the hotel have advised they can lower this to 15 people but I have to pay for 15 people. 


I then said I would like a cocktail hour then the dinner outside at the private function or in a restaurant and then on the beach for the after party until 10pm, here is where the issue seems to be, I was advised to have the cocktail hour before but what would be the point?


I have requested the Tucan gazebo and terrace, can anyone tell me the size of the aisle as I need a runner?


Hair/Make up - Any recommendations?

Fire works - Any recommendations?

Private function food? Any recommendations?


Sorry for the long essay and questions but im I am very nervous as you can imagine.....


Steph XxX

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Hey there,


Not sure if you tried this already but you may want to try posting to the Moon Palace 2013 board http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/77782/newbie-moon-palace-2013 or browsing it in case someone has already answered your questions! Good luck!

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