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Unique wedding vows that make me cry...

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As a wedding planner for 11 years in Playa del Carmen, i have listened to a lot of great vows: how about writing your own? what do you think about it?

Tony yesterday said this (and authorizes me to report it):

Let me start by saying when the part comes to: I DO , i think you should have to say it twice, since you made me ask you twice to marry you. It would be easy to stand here and say things like: ` í love you´ or ´you're my everything' and to use words like ' forever ' or 'eternity' but those words are for couples who don't already know those things. All those are true about us, and I believe you already know that I am eager to make you feel them throughout our marriage. I instead think about how difficult it is to work as hard as we do, raise our little girl, keep up with daily chores and maintain our responsibilities, and as I think I'm also reminded of what led me here, marrying you. You represent everything I need not only in a woman: Lord know you've got me covered there, but in a lifelong friend and a strong partner. When I think of the future, just knowing you're in mine provides me with a sense of peace that only comes when you know someone who loves you has your back. Thank you for always having my back. I am standing here today in front of the people we love the most to make you this vow: I will always have your back. I will always love you, protect our family and always work hard to ensure you have a partner you can be proud of.

Lovely.... now what would you say to your love?

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That is a lovely wedding promise - thx so much for sharing it with everyone here, weddingsinplaya !


Wishing everyone the best with their planning process, and that you all have the Perfect Wedding of your Dreams!!!





So good to remember, it's all about the LOVE.........Cheers :)


team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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