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Hi Ladies!


I am getting married at Azul Sensatori on June 23rd 2013. I was orriginally goin to do the rehersal dinner that came with my package, but then I found out it is a set menue selected by the chef. I have some guests that are picky eaters and feel bad about making them eat somethin they might not like. I was considereing doing the Smore's party instead so that way people can eat wherever they would like. Has anyone done the smore's party and is it worth the $$. I do like the idea of doin somethign a littledifferent, just want to make sure its worth the $600 im going to spend!! I am also open to any other suggestions!


Thanks ladies!

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Congrats april9639 !!! and welcome to our forum community :) there are tons of great ideas, advice + suggestions to help you with your planning decisions here!

There's a webpage here with more info about smores parties.......fyi.


Wishing you all the best with your research, and that you end up having the Most Amazing Wedding of your Dreams !!! Cheers :)






team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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