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@@duchovny0901 You make me feel soooooooooooo far behind. LOL! My wedding coordinator's name is Yohannelly. Im going with a tangerine orange and deep purple color. Id like my bridesmaids dresses to be orange with a purple and orange bouquet. Id like the grooms to wear tan color linen suits with orange ties and a purple and orange boutonierre. I decided to use the photographer at the resort.I just could not bring myself to pay an additional $500 for an outside vendor fee. What made you go with the fountain? Are you getting the full fountain setup as well? As far as DJ's go, I dont know if I want to use DJ Mannia (Ive heard good things about him) or the resort dj. My wedding coordinator's name is Yohannelly. I have tried on dresses, but have not found "the one" yet. I have another appt on the 1st of February. **fingers crossed**

Oh yeah! And great idea on the silk flowers. I may have to do that!!! WHat are you guys doing for hair and makeup? I think I may have to go with the hotel salon.

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@@jldinapoli Thanks for your help! I ended up getting in contact with Karina so all is well. I wasn't receiving her replies, but all is well now. I'm so excited for her to be our photographer, her work looks amazing! I love her photos of "the first look". I think I'll have to do it!


13 days away!!

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@MrsFountain2B Don't feel so far behind! I'm just so anxious to get to the wedding day! Your colors sound awesome by the way. I chose the fountain due to more privacy and the fact that I loved the way it looked when it was setup from the pics and vids. It's such a unique spot. And I am going to cringe and get the full fountain setup; u only get married once (usually, ha!) so I'm going to go for it! Depending on when you'd like your reception, I'd ask your WC about the resort DJ. I thought I remember someone saying he'd end at like 9:30 or something because he had to work in the nightclub at 10:30. That was a big factor for me going with DJ Mannia; my ceremony is at 4pm and I wanted plenty of time for pictures so our reception starts at 7pm.


And I'm sure you'll find the dress! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!


@MsJillss As for hair as makeup, my sister is a beautician. Go figure! LOL. So I may not use the salon at all. And what a very tropical color theme!



@Kristina Simms Yaaayyy I'm glad you got in contact with her! Enjoy you special day and please come back and tell us all about the experience!!!! Have a safe trip!

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@@duchovny0901 Thanks so much. I'm going to look into the silk flowers this weekend.

@@MrsFountain2B I wasn't quite sure if I wanted the salon to do my hair. My sister does hair as well, but she's also in the wedding. That might be asking for too much (but hey...I am the bride lol)!! I guess I will just play it by ear.

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Hey ladies how do I book the bridal suite? And do they bring food and beverages in there?


@@duchovny0901 I booked it through the spa. Asistente Spa (spa1.serpc@secretsresorts.com)


This was in the email they sent me:


"We can offer you Private Bridal Room, enjoy your day with your bridesmaids

in a relaxing atmosphere, you can be together and have your Hair Styling,

Make Up and dress in our private bridal room. Includes  bottle of champagne

and tropical fruits. Price: Half-day is 150 US$. Please advise if that would

be fine. "

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Hi brides! I'm new to this forum and this is my first post! I'm planning to have my DW at Now Larimar this upcoming November. I've tried to get in contact with the resort to get their excel pricing list but I haven't heard back from them.


Could one of you ladies kindly email their 2014 wedding pricing list to me at deelirious87@@gmail.com? Thank you in advance! Happy planning!

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@@deelirious Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It took a little bit for us to hear back in the very beginning as well. The 2014 price list is the same as the 2013 (for now!). We haven't received any price changes yet. 

@@lisamarco413  I have confirmation from my WC that if you have the platinum menu, you can interchange and choose items from the silver/gold menu. Hope that helps!

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@ duchovny0901, @ Jahanee Conner, @ Kristina Simms, @ EVKnowsitall, @ Marbear0503, @jldinapoli, @ meganjune, @ dr2015


Hey all!


FOUR months away and now the stress and anxiety are starting to set in! Some more random questions!!


1. What size sashes do they use? Is anyone bringing their own? Can they move then from the ceremony chairs to the reception chairs? Is it doubled, ceremony and reception?


2. On the spreadsheet for the DIVINE Package, anyone know what the following items are:

"Lounge Area 6 pax”

"Lighted bar"

"LED light"


3. Suggestions for cheap alternatives for pomanders?


4. The Do Not Disturb Honeymoon Package. Anyone have this or know what it is/includes?


5. Does anyone know if guests can have their suits and dresses steamed/ironed at the resort? I'm sure there would be a fee for it but a few of the ladies coming keep asking and I don't have an answer!


6. Did anyone do fireworks at their receptions? I havent seen any pictures of it and would love to know how it turned out!


Thanks everyone! You have been my lifesavers!

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