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NEWBIE!! Hawaiian DWB :)

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#21 aleedoc17

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    Posted 08 April 2013 - 10:36 AM

    Originally Posted by cherbear327 

    Thank you!! I can't take all the credit because I got the background template from this lady I found on Weddingbee. That's why I asked you initially if you did your invitations because I was going to refer you to her but you said you already did the passports for your STDs. I did, however, do ALL the pictures, picked the ribbon, rhinestones and pretty much the overall look myself! They didn't have a template for Hawaii (only Mexico of course). I even had to learn Adobe Illustrator and that was no easy task. Haha.


    Two photographers? Wow! You definitely won't have a shortage of photos. Haha. But that's great because photos are one of the most important things in my opinion. Initially I was going to go with a cheaper photographer but I thought, if I'm going to spend on something, it's going to be the photographer! Glad to hear you got your dream photographer :)


    We'll be in Maui only from Aug 13-16 but maybe we'll see you there! Wow you're going to be there for 16 days!! So lucky!!

    I love the background & really wish that I found that on weddingbee site to tell my lady to do that.. my STD were a pain in the butt. seriously. i went to a local printer & it took like 10 tries for her to understand a certain font (I used to be a huge computer geek, used tobe on those journals/blogs, greatestjournal & stuch & used to make all those icons & layouts, like from AIM back in the day) & the font I really wanted I didn't even ask for! I asked for Lucida Handwriting! ughhh, I'm just glad that part is over.


    my invitiations are coming from a girl i found on etsy, but also has her own site, from Las Vegas, http://thestylishscribe.com/ she's currently on vacation so they're "on hold" for the next week,  but when she gets back, I'm having 2 small changes & them printed! RSVP date had to be moved from May 17 to June 1 because of her vacation (makes me nervous)


    Do you have plans for Maui?! I wish you were staying just a little bit longer, it'd be nice to meet up (is that creeper-ish? sorry) I just really feel connected to you, because like you said, it's hard to find any Hawaii brides on this site, & especially with ours so close im many ways!

    #22 aleedoc17

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      Posted 08 April 2013 - 10:41 AM

      welcome bags: are you doing them? I am. I'm obsessed. like seriously, I think I have a problem


      flowers: no idea! I want a cascade, i know it's old school, but i think Hawaiian flowers look amazing like this. but honestly I'm not a flower girl. so I don't want too much money spent on flowers. I wouldn't mind a DIY or fakes? I don't know


      DJ: Gannon's only allows certain ones. so I have to contact them.


      Photobooth: Something I was hoping my NJ photographer was going to do (which was originally a plan B) but now it's not looking good, so back to plan A. (weird to go with B before A -- haha)


      decorations/centerpieces: I'm trying to figue a way to do sashes for chairs cheap, b/c Gannon's charges $7 a chair! If it's a chair but it is for both ceremony & dinner then we might suck it up! I want an archway for the ceremony. I want twinkle lights at the reception.. favors?


      what else am i missing?!


      how about you

      #23 cherbear327

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      • Wedding Date:August 10, 2013
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      Posted 08 April 2013 - 10:59 AM

      Of course it's not creepy!! Lol. I would love to meet up as well but since we are staying for such a short time I doubt we'll have any time since we will have to probably squeeze everything into 3 days =( My fiance wanted to stay in Oahu longer because he's never been to Hawaii at all (crazy I know). Plus, we wanted to spend a little more time with our guests since they are flying out for our wedding.


      That's finally one thing we don't have in common -- flowers!! Haha. I LOOOOVE flowers. I think that's what I'm obsessed with. And just overall decor like table linens and candles. I'm so into the little details (that people probably won't even notice... lol.) I want twinkle type lights as well!


      I don't know if I'm going to do welcome bags. The whole reason we were doing a destination wedding was to save money and since we barely have enough for a welcome dinner, I don't think we'll be able to do welcome bags. Originally when I was planning to have the destination wedding in Mexico, I was going to do them since it's much cheaper there but Hawaii is so expensive! I'd love to see yours though! What are you planning to have in them? Originally when I was planning on doing them, I was going to have chapstick, mints, a small sunscreen bottle (I used to work at a Dermatology office so I would've gotten those for free), a key card holder... I forget what else!


      Does NY have a fashion district where you could get fabric for cheap?  I live in L.A. so we have a fabric district that's downtown and they sell fabric for REALLY cheap. You could probably cut some up and do the chair sashes yourself!! Just show your bridal party how you want it done and maybe they could do it for you?


      Have you thought about your party favors?

      #24 aleedoc17

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        Posted 08 April 2013 - 11:33 AM

        Well, we'll be in Maui the whole time you're there, so maybe we can do an excursion together or something! That would be cool! If you have a schedule of events, let me know, see if we could. Either way it'll be fun & we should definitely KIT throughout our process!


        I'm not a girly-girl, so centerpieces, table stuff, flowers not my thing, however I'm all about color & being different. I did want bright colored linens but it's just so damn expensive! So I'm waiting last minute for them to see how much money I saved with everything else!


        I'm sure somewhere around my area (Delaware, NJ, NY, Baltimore) has some sort of fabric for cheap. I never thought of that! Actually I was hoping either my aunt or my friend's mom would help me with a cute little zipper pouch for the "tip holder/room key" see I'm obsessed with chapstick. So I am definitely giving that in my welcome bags!


        WELCOME Bags have become my life. I go from store to store, search online, google, use this site for the best deals & great ideas. I think you should do a little something, it'd be nice, and a great "thank-you" for your guests. Even if you make a DIY notebook of places to go, things to do, games, get to know the bride&groom. I WILL EVEN HELP YOU WITH IDEAS!!!! Do chapstick, make the booklet, do the keyring, get a maui snack & call it a day! use brown bags (colored ones, that are a little nicer) I will so assist you if you need! I'll even ship to you things if they're cheaper here!


        1 bag, per room (per couple -- I only have 1 or 2 singles)

        Here is my list of things I have gotten so far:



        Our HUGE Beach Bags $8.50 each found online. they're amazing! (Not sure how we're getting them there! oh lord they're so heavy & we bought like 25 or 30 -- my dad ordered them, so I don't know how many he ordered!)





        tropical smoothie flavored chapsticks (Target) $2.49 a pack --.83 each



        tropical fruit flavored Tums (Wal-Mart) $1.74 for a 3 pack --.58 each


        Propel individual packets (Wal-Mart) $1.98 a box of 10 packets --.20





        Shout Wipes from Wal-Mart $2.96 for a box of 12 --.25 each wipe

        Aloe Vera from Target in the Dollar Section, really cute tropical design, I'll get a picture later for them! --$1 each

        Sanitizer, 3 pack for $1 from DollarTree --.34 each


        Lint Rollers, that came in a 2 pack from Target in dollar section --.50 each

        Wet Ones from Target $1.99 for a box of 24 --$.08 each



        WISH LIST


          a bottle for each person (2 in a bag, unless a single)


          Maui style Chips






        #25 cherbear327

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        • Wedding Date:August 10, 2013
        • Wedding Location:Paradise Cove Ocean Gardens

        Posted 08 April 2013 - 12:17 PM

        You are too sweet! Maybe I will do a little something. I have to find really cheap bags though. That's the only thing that will probably be on the pricey side. I LOVE your bags though! Those are so cheap for the price!! And I absolutely love how it has the hisbiscus/Hawaiian flower on it. 

        #26 aleedoc17

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          Posted 08 April 2013 - 12:34 PM

          thank you! it took us forever & a day to figure out our tote bags. i wanted those palm leaf bags, I bought them, & hated them! I lost out $50 on them, they were so cheap & small, they wouldn't be able to hold a thing! I wanted a bag that people would use for their trip. for beach towels, for the pool..


          Oriental Trading:

          From "plastic" candy baggies to totes. decent price


          http://www.orientalt...t=hibiscus bags

          #27 aleedoc17

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            Posted 08 April 2013 - 12:35 PM

             i know those are "cheesy" but i think that the thought is more important!

            how many guests are you expecting? i should ask, couples?


            & you're more "rustic" correct? like more champagne & light tan colors, seeing your invitations

            #28 aleedoc17

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              Posted 08 April 2013 - 12:36 PM

              vintage* not rustic. sorry. i don't know why i said rustic

              #29 cherbear327

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              • Wedding Date:August 10, 2013
              • Wedding Location:Paradise Cove Ocean Gardens

              Posted 08 April 2013 - 01:28 PM

              Haha. There are different kinds of vintage so no worries! Most people do vintage/rustic but mine is a more like a. "Old English" type of vintage with brooches, skeleton keys, etc. Those bags are awesome! I don't think they're cheesy at all. I may do the one with the handles. I wonder how big they are... I think people will be appreciative of anything, really. So I may do those! How's your magazine going?

              #30 aleedoc17

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                Posted 08 April 2013 - 01:37 PM

                my magazine.. it's at a stand-still :(


                i have a graphic designer friend who is trying to help me create a layout. I have many topics & articles that i've started:


                • a calendar of august dates (FI's bday is the 7th, wedding date, hawaiian dates, world dates, fav celebs bday)
                • hawaiian words
                • things to do (with personal reviews/stars)
                • places to eat
                • get to know the B&G
                • an "exclusive interview" with B&G [lol]
                • crosswords
                • word search
                • some advertisements
                • what's in the welcome bags
                • welcome notes
                • maps
                • itinerary


                got any more ideas? we had wayyy more but i can't seem to think right now !

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