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30th Birthday Scavenger Hunt!

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Jason (my fiance) is turning 30 in the middle of November and I was thinking of throwing him a scavenger hunt party. Basically, I will split everyone up into teams, give them a disposable camera and list of tasks and send them out into L.A. Then we will all meet at a bar (close to a drug store where we can have the photos developed in 1 hr) to determine the winner! I want all of the tasks to be related to "30" and I need help coming up with ideas...


1. Building with the address 30 or 3030.

2. Penny from 1977


Thanks ladies!!!


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I love scavenger hunts, what a good idea! I wonder if it would be easier for you to use digital cameras so you don't have to get pictures developed? How about finding someone else either with the same birthdate or year, and photograph their license or ID to show the birthdate? A street sign, or license place with the number 30. $30 or 30 cents.

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