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Help - making it legal at home!

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Ok...so i've been getting conflicting/incomplete information and i'm hoping that you all can help me.  I am getting legally married in Playa Del Carmen in August.  What do I need to do with my marriage certificate I obtain there in order to have my marriage recognized in the United States (New York), and be able to change my name with as little hiccups as possible?  Please help!  I feel like this is the most stressful part of my wedding planning thus far!

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Once you get your wedding certificate, it will come with an apostille.


An apostille is an internationally recognized notary certification, done in the country of origin of the documents, and usually issued by the State Department of each country. In the United States, contact the Secretary of State in the state where you live. In Canada contact your nearest Mexican Embassy Office and ask for the Authentication Document which serves the same purpose as the Apostille document. We suggest that you bring at least one complete set of copies, plus the originals. 


Hope it helps!


Happy planning!

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