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Bridal Shower Games and Gifts

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Shower entertainment usually centers around socializing, games, and opening the gifts. Depending on your guests, the formality of your party, and your own preferences, you may decide to eliminate the games or relegate them to a relatively minor role in the festivities. To fill the gap,think of hiring a magician, palm reader, or psychic to entertain those special guests. For a co-ed event, you might want to think in terms of a stand-up comedian or juggler to add pizazz to your party.   Music An essential ingredient in creating and sustaining a comfortable mood, music must suit the occasion. Think in terms of soft background music supplied by tapes or records. A low volume guarantees that your guests will have a comfortable background for conversation but yet wonâ€t have lo strain to be heard. A special theme begs for special music. Choose a mariachi band to liven up a tostada party, a pair of strolling fiddlers for an Italian pasta fling.   In keeping with the more sophisticated air of the cocktail party or formal dinner, engage a flutist, pianist, or guitarist for entertainment and forego the games. If you want couples to dance, think of renting a jukebox, hiring a disc jockey, or featuring a local band. Music academies, high schools,and community colleges are all excellent sources of good musicians willing to work at reasonable rates. You can also browse through the classified ads of local newspapers and Magazines. Donâ€t forget to check the most reliable source you have — your friends.   Games Bridal Gown Designer   This one calls for some imagination, so letâ€s see how creative your guests can be! Divide the group into two or three teams and place each in a separate room. Supply each of the three teams with several rolls of toilet paper. The teams select their own “bride,†and prepare to design an original gown for her out of the toilet paper they have. No tape or pins are allowed. Give your designers about 15-20 minutes to complete their creations and then have everyone except the team brides reassemble in the living room. Call out each teamâ€s entry to model for the real bride. She has the honor of choosing the winning team which has fashioned the most creative dress. Each member of the winning team receives a small prize for her efforts. High Roller   This is a lively game suitable for any size group. Arrange the guests' chairs in a circle, piling an assortment of wrapped gifts in the center on the floor. Buy one gift for every four to five guests and wrap enticingly. Make each one appear completely different from all the others. Select small items, such as a powder puff or make-up brush, to go into the latest, most expensive-looking boxes while you place nicer gifts in “plain Jane†wrappings. Try to pick out prizes that vary widely in size, length, weight,or width. Use two sets of dice (or three, if there are more than 20 players) and pick two players sitting across from each other to start the game. Each gets one roll. If the person rolls doubles, a gift from the center can be selected. When all the gifts have been taken from the center, doubles allows the gambler to pluck a package off some oneâ€s lap — this is where the fun really begins! After one roll, the dice are passed to the left. Set the timer for seven minutes and when it goon off, whoever has a present gets to keep it.   Be sure that the winners unwrap their gifts while still seated in the circle — everyone will be surprised at the real contents of each gift! Most often it turns out that the gift everyone seemed to be fighting over is really the silliest present of the bunch! A good game for co-ed parties, take care to ensure that the items you select are appropriate for both sexes.   Tell Me Who I Am A perfect starter activity, this game is a great way to get your guest to begin to mingle. Prepare ahead of time by writing the name of a famous person, celebrity, singer, or author on a 3 x 5†index card.As each guest arrives, pin one of the secret identities on her back without divulging the name on the card. The task is for the guests to find out exactly who they are by asking others questions which can only be answered with a yes or no. Everyone will begin to mingle in an effort to discover their own identity! The first one to figure out correctly who she is wins. If youâ€ve got a super sleuth at the party who guesses correctly almost right away, you may want to continue the game and award second and third prizes.

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