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Help!!! Can someone tell me how to get in contact with Grand Sunset Princess Hotel wedding coordinator....

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Hi guys, 


I have finally payed my deposit for our wedding in Grand Sunset Princess, but my Ta advised me to contacts them to "save the date" for our wedding.

The problem is, I have called the resort a few times already and there's usually really long waits holding till you speak to someone. There's got to be an easier way!!!

I have actually spoke to one of the WC there, but she gave me an e-mail address where I have to send a request for wedding date application.

I tried doing that, turns out the e-mail address she gave me is not even valid. I swear, I even made sure to get it right while i was speaking to her...... and now what???? Call again??? and wait for another 50 minutes holding on the line.


That's crazy! Please help, I need to secure my date.

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hola n0tURavrgeBride....this is the review page for the Grand Sunset Princess on this wedsite.....


.....here's a link to the tripadvisor review of the Grand Sunset Princess Hotel.......


and here's a link to their own website "Grand Sunset Princess" with their current email contact info........to confirm that you're using the right email address.......fyi :)


Hope it all goes well with getting in touch with them .......Cheers :)



team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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