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December 2014 Brides?

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Hello, my name is Kaylee and my fiancee and I got engaged around Christmas 2012! We just celebrated our 6 year anniversay together in late January :)


We are set on having a destination wedding in either Jamaica or Riviera Maya in December 2014.


A few hiccups that we have run into are:


  1. My fiancee is a substitude teacher (hoping for a contract soon!) so he needs to work whatever days he can and this limits us to travelling only during the school breaks throughout the year which also means "high times" at most resorts leading to higher rates for us and our guests.
  2. My travel agent just recently told us that she will be accepting a new job entirely outside the travel agent field :(
  3. The new travel agent I am corresponding with has told me that no rates/flights are available to look into until February 2014. This just won't work for us! We want to give our family and friends a good amount of time, at least a year to save for this trip since travelling during Christmas time will put us at the $2,000+ rate. I just don't see how this is possible when they expect you to put your deposit down right at booking for a $2,000+ trip and have the ENTIRE balance paid off 90 days before the first travel date, which would be September 2014, giving our guests 7 months to pay another $1,800+.


Is this true? I had a friend who got married in December 2012 (before the Christmas break mind you) and she had her rates/rooms open for a year and a half.


I'm becoming very discouraged and feeling like the idea of a beach wedding is next to impossible!


Any advice, words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated as any time someone brings up our wedding planning I pretty much break down in tears with all the stress that is currently surrounding it :(



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Congrats on your Christmas engagement, Kaylee! and welcome to our forum community :) no worries....you're already off to a Great Start by joining this forum...well done!


It may all seem a bit daunting now, however, when you see all the quality resources here, and how much helpful info + support everyone here has to offer + share with you, you're sure to feel better..... Big Exhale :)

There are lots of brides here who were once in the position you're describing, and felt like you're feeling at the start.....you're not alone :)


It's all going to work out amazingly fantastic! you'll see.......when you're going the "right way" things have a magical way of falling into place - Sweet !!!


Wishing you all the best with your research, planning process and culminating in the perfect wedding celebration you've always dreamed of!!!

You're surrounded by great Love!......you GO girl :)







team MTM asst, Lynda :)

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