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My DIY Boarding Pass Invites for Key West!

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Hi Everyone!! First off, this forum is what helped me create these invitations and helped me save a ton of money. So far, we have received a lot of compliments on them and I feel a sense of pride for spending the hours of time to make them!


I want to give a rough price breakdown because I know that is very important! I made a little over 60 of them.


Most of the stuff was purchased at Michael's with lots of coupons!


White cardstock for the boarding passes, monograms and RSVP tags.- 50 pages for $2.50. I printed 3 boarding passes per page, then 20 monograms per page, and 8 RSVP tags per page, so this was PLENTY! (the cardstock was light, so I'm not sure if that will work for everyone, but this ensured no extra shipping cost!)


Black cardstock for the boarding pass sleeves and behind the monograms- 50 pages for $2.50-I purchased 2. I used 1 page per sleeve and used the excess to make the backing of the monograms. Same cardstock weight as the white.


The Belly Bands were made out of 12 x 12 patterned paper from Michael's and were 19 cents a piece! I bought 12 of these. I made about 6 belly bands per page.


The envelopes I purchased on Staples website- 50 envelopes for $6.99. I purchased 2 and will probably use the remainder for thank you cards.


Also purchased from Michael's was the corner rounder and the double sided adhesive tape. I can't remember the exact cost but I believe the rounder was about $4, and I used a 40% off coupon. The tape was in a pack of 2 for no more than $6.


I orginally got a friend that works at UPS to print these out and then after she printed them out, I realized I had spelled my own name wrong for the website. evil.gif I was very upset at myself!! But at Fedex, it's like 15 cents per page to print I believe.


We got 1" round labels to put the monogram on and seal the envelopes. I don't remember the exact price, but it was probably no more than $15 for like 400 labels. They were 20 per sheet, so I used 3 sheets, but we are actually using the rest for "place cards" by sticking them to these candy tins we got from Michael's and putting names and table #'s on them. So if you want to break the price down, I used no more than $2 worth for the invites.


I had my own paper cutter, so didn't have to spend anything on that.


I got 3 books of stamps for $9.20 each to send all of them.


I would say in total I spent rougly $60, bringing my total to $1 per invite including postage! It took me a little to get everything right (including spelling my own name correctly) but in the end it was totally worth it!! Also, we saved return postage doing our RSVP on our website. It has worked out great. Our website has received a lot of compliments as well. We used Wedsite.com for it.





Front of Sleeve




Back of Sleeve-Here is where we posted the instructions for our online RSVP. Sorry, the picture quality isn't so great!



Here is the sleeve and the the pass



Here is the envelope with the seal.



Here is the monogram I created



Let me know if anyone has questions or needs help!

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