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BlueBay Grand Esmeralda - In house Photographer

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Hello everyone!

Has anyone booked or recently used the photographer recommended by your coordinator at the BBGE?

Trying to make a decision is this is the right route for us....

Thanks :)

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Congrats nadine2014 ! and welcome to our forum community welcome.gifa Great place for lots of helpful info, suggestions, advice + support!!!


If photography is important to you, you really need to hire a professional in the business, instead of the one offered by the resort.

There are lots of great options in our area, all of whom are much better equipped, knowledgeable, motivated and skilled at telling your wedding day story in gorgeous photos with great style + flair! 


Look through their albums to find the one in your budget range - whose work really touches you. You'll be very happy you made that choice everytime you look at your photos and relive this once-in-a-lifetime Big Day!


Plus they'll be enjoyed + appreciated by generations to come........Priceless ! 

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