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wanting to get married at the gran bahia mexico

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Welcome to the forum rachelsegar!! And congrats on your engagement and upcoming marriage! We chose the GBP too due to all the great reviews... we're getting married in Jan 2014.


Have fun planning and congrats again!


Liz :)

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Originally Posted by rachelsegar View Post


Hi im looking to get married at the gran bahia mexico june 2014 this hotel looks amazing just looking at the different locations and eating options etc xx


Welcome to this site and congratulations on your upcoming wedding and the planning.


We are from Scotland and holidaying from 10 > 24 June with 20 other family and friends. We gt married on 20 June - whats your date as we could be there at the same time?  We have holidayed at the Bahia chain of hotels for the last 18 years, been to Mexico twice before and love it and the people and am sure you will love it toThese are a note of some amazing and helpful thread/links


"Post Your Wedding Date" http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/9132/post-your-wedding-date

Brides (& grooms) can see who is getting married on dates close to them . It is handy too as some wedding parties have shared the cost of some vendors (photographers in particular)

To ensure everyone knows how this thread works please go to the last post of this thread, select "quote" on the last entry

Type in your name & your OH name, your forum name, wedding date, hotel & location in chronological order.


"Gran Bahia Principe Akumal/Tulum/Coba - POST HERE!"



OFFICIAL Gran Bahia Principe Riviera Maya Thread



Anyone used Arrecife Photography at Gran Bahia Principe Tulum/Akumal/Coba



These are the links to each of the 3 different locations, if you click on each of them then click on the photos in turn you are given a 360 degree view of each point - pretty good


Tulum Gazebo wedding location is on the furthest right of this picture



Akumal wedding location is roughly on the large beach area in front of the swimming pool that is on the left side of this picture. Coba is the area in the background - it is central and doesnt have it's own beach area.






one have their entire playlist?

http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/42149/anyone-have-their-entire-playlist Happy planning :)  Kirstin x

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Originally Posted by STBEngelquist View Post


GPB is awesome been there twice already!! 1st: met my fiancé 2nd: got engaged! 3rd: getting married may 2014!



We have holidayed at the Bahia in Mexico twice before and love it, the people etc etc as do you  hence choosign to get married there Yours is a fabulous "Love Story" to tell the grand kids in the future.   We have holiday at the Bahia chain round the world for the last 18 years as we know what to expect - we have never been disappointed  X

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Originally Posted by rachelsegar View Post


r thanks have u sorted all your plans and preperations stressful and exciting but think its been more due to chossing locations





We knew we would get married a Bahia in Mexico as its so beautiful, the only thing that stresses me out is when dont hear from the WC but I am know as Miss Impatient.


I know it will come good in the end :) Have fun x

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how early did you send out save-the-dates...I haven't been able to book the resort yet due to it being too early yet.  I wanted to send out my save the dates so that it gives people enough time to save or make arrangements, to come.   Should I wait to send them out till I book the resort...or just do it? 

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