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Correct package info for Iberostar Rose Hall Suites?

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I have 3 different sets of package info.


1) dated 11/11 so maybe was for 2012 - Golden Coast $2100 and Blessed by the Sea $1900


2) on their site currently - Grand Promises and Grand Romance, no prices



3) from a webinar - Star $999, Silver Star $1600, Gold Star $2499


Emailed hotel but no reply so far.  Do any of you have any idea which is accurate? They all vary as far as what is included.


Thanks for your help!



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Hi Tanzi!


Hopefully I can help - this is my understanding but someone correct me if I'm wrong!


1. This was the pricing I received when I booked last June. Our wedding is on June 11, 2013, and this is the pricing I'm going off of since I haven't heard anything else.


2. I haven't seen these packages - but I like them and kind of hope they are available to us. They include more than the original packages I was sent.


3. This is the new pricing that is for brides that booked after 12/10/2012.


Hope that helps! I have a bunch of docs from the resort if you need any.



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