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Sarani Weddings

Memories of my Wedding

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Welcome to Sarani Weddings, 


Sarani Weddings is a group conformed of photographers and videographers who for my personal opinion are so professional and artistic. In Sarani Weddings they teach me to understand the reason of their work, they said: My art, my passion, is your love. Could be sound ridiculous, but at the end of the day it's a true reason when you look up the pictures and feel the emotions again for that day. In Sarani Weddings we always get involved with the bride and the grom and start capture all graphics memories since de getting ready session, ceremony sessions and reception sessions. Memories which will keep them forever.

Also you can do the Trash the Dress Sessions!!


Getting married in Mayan Riviera or surroundings is so magical, the view is wonderful, warm climate and the experience will keep it forever. Feel confiance to ask me about prices and packages in here by private message or writing to info@saraniweddings.com

Also I invite you to read our reviews from other brides who has get married during the 2012. 


Please feel welcome to this space and don't forget to visit our web site at www.saraniweddings.com and our latest pictures into our Blog at www.saraniweddingsblog.com


Once again congratulations for the upcoming wedding!!!

The best regards


Veronica J.

Sarani Weddings Representative


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