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Senza Salon

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I've seen so many reviews for Neysa Berman and Suzanne Morel, but these people are totally taking advantage of brides thinking that the need to spend a million bucks to look perfect.  I got my hair and makeup done at Senza salon right across from the Home Depot.  They also will come to the hotel, but then it turns in to almost double the price.  The salon manager, Leslie, let my bridesmaids and I use a spa room to get ready before the wedding.  It was great.  She was so accommodating.  I was easily able to email her with any questions leading up to the wedding.  She always responded within 24 hours.


I did a hair trial a few days beforehand for $60 and then my hair and makeup on my wedding day came to around $125.  During my hair trial I brought pictures and explained how I wanted it just slightly different on my wedding day.  It came out exactly like I wanted it.  This was WAY less expensive than the other two people.   I am sure Neysa and Suzanne do excellent work, but if you put a model from Senza, Suzanne, and Senza together there is no way you could tell the difference.  Senza was great.


The email for the salon is info@senza.com.mx

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