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Key West or Key Largo "Weddingmoon"

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Hi ladies - my fiancee & I are trying to find a location for a "weddingmoon" with just the two of us.


Some call that an elopement but I consider an elopement to be rushed with no planning. 


We'd like to marry the first week of April & are looking at Key West, Key Largo, or one of the Virgin Islands.


We're looking for a stress free, sweet ceremony with just us. I'd prefer a beach wedding, not a garden wedding. We're trying to find an all-ine-one location, but it's not critical - just want the ease of knowing everything (wedding & honeymoon lodging) is in one spot if possible.


My fiancee & I have been to Key West before & enjoyed the tropical feel so that's an option but we're also trying to see what else is out there.  We'd like to stay somewhere with enough to do, but at the same time can just relax.


I'd welcome & appreciate ANY feedback you have. :)

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