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Off Topic- Yoga for DOGS?! This is so cute and a what a great idea!

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I was just watching something on the news about Yoga for dogs!  A little off topic but a chance to get in tuned with yourself and doggie.


What a great way to get together with your friends and their pooches and learn ways to help your dogs as well as yourself.


In the New York area here is a facebook page with info on where there is yoga for dogs in the NYC area:




Great Article to gain info on Yoga for Dogs:






What an amazingly creative and great way to help your dogs and yourself. If you are a dog lover like us, you'll love this type of class with  your dog.


Can't wait to get my friends together and try this out! If anyone would like to get together and try this out please let me know! I would love to create a day out with my BDW friends :)

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