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Hello!!! I am new to the site...thought I would pick your brains.

I am about to sign my contract and wire over the deposit to reserve the whole place for my guests.

I feel a litte uneasy about some of the statements in the contract and was wondering if this is normal.


1. Paying everything upfront. I understand that i should give a deposit or even pay half before arriving, but when you pay all upfront it makes me wonder about getting the full service.


2. The cancelation policy was a little sketchy. In some areas it says that they will postpone due to extreme unforeseen weather or natural disasters (hurricane) in other parts it says they are not responsible and would offer to reschedule the event within a year if anything like that occurs.


I plan on speaking with La Zebra regarding my concerns and I plan on buying Travel Insurance....

Just wanted to see if all your contracts are like this and how you feel about it.


Thanks!! :)

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