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Grand Palladium Mayan Riviera

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 Hi everyone! im getting married Feb.23 2013 at the GP in Mayan Riviera. My wedding is coming up so fast and i feel like i havent planned very much of my actual wedding day and i want to know if this is happening the same for you. I havent really chatted with Rocio at all becuase she told me that she is VERY busy with current weddings. Also i was told that i will be getting blood drawn as soon as we arrive to the resort. Is this the same for you gals as well? I have 100 people attending my wedding and i can already see the $$ signs adding up. If you guys could give me some good advice and ideas for even the littlest things like bridesmaids gifts etc..let me know! Also i booked my hair appointment at the spa and i couldnt believe how much it cost! what are your thoughts about the palladium pricing.



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