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Looking for a wedding location along the East Coast? Help??

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I am from near Pittsburgh but after the CHAOS of trying to plan a local wedding, we have opted to do something "destination" but within the U.S. so the close family members that we want to be there, don't have to get passports or travel overseas. 


We considered Key West for it's island vibe but is pretty far and we would certainly have to have our guests fly.  I don't want to make it "all about our guests" because quite frankly its other people who have us opting for a wedding out of town anyways. 


My ideal place would be Punta Cana for the island vibe.  But we are not going overseas as I said - so any suggestions on beautiful places along the east coast?  We would want a beach wedding.  I would prefer something north of Florida if at all possible, but will definitely consider Florida if we have to. Any other places with a fun, island vibe that are in the U.S.?


Thank you so much   :-)

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