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Church Weddings in Puerto Vallarta

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Church Weddings in Puerto Vallarta

In Puerto Vallarta there are 3 prominent churches available for weddings and a few others but they are not "nice". The main cathederal de Guadalupe, La Parroquia del Refugio, also downtown, and the church in the La Paz church in the Marina . If you need the official names just contact me and I can give you their contact info as well and who to talk to if you like. The important thing that I want to tell you is that they need to be booked well in advance and there is the absolute requierement of being catholic for any ceremony to be held in these churches. No valid catholic marriages can be held outside  a church.




The prices for donations range from about 200 usd up to 600 usd for the one in the Marina which is the most expensive, however it includes decoration, yet it is the most convenient, especially for weddings to be held on the North side. It has great parking and it is on the north, right next to the airport which in turn makes any hotel in Nuevo Vallarta a close 15 minute cab ride and Martoca would be then located 25 minutes away. Martoca is located 40 minutes away from downtown Puerto Vallarta. I could say 30 minutes like all other people who promote their  business but let's get real here... 40 minute to 50 minute drive to Bucerias area is normal. It used to be 30 minutes in 1990...


Anyway, some churches include the flower arrangements and others do not, so the average all in for a church with standard decorative flowers is about 600usd. The summations is this; if you need a church do it well in advance and have your catholic paperwork in order. Expect to spend 600 to 700 USD on church with decorations included and pretty much it will be a 45 minute drive if in town or 25 minutes from Marina to Bucerias area. (See  below)

Downtown churches distance to wedding areas....... South locations like Le Kliff, Garza Blanca, Mismaloya  30-40 minutes depends on traffic. Nuevo 30 minutes and Bucerias 40 minutes and anything beyond this it is way too far, 

Marina Church...............South to Le Kliff, Mismaloya, Garza Blanca area 50 minutes, Downtown area 20 minutes, Nuevo 15 minutes, Bucerias 25 minutes.

If you have any more questions I will gladly help. Come visit and get married in Puerto Vallarta or any surrounding areas. I promise you it is by far the most romantic beachfront city in Mexico.


Or, just come and pray for world peace:)

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I am interested in getting married in Puerto Vallarta. I am catholic and I would love to have my wedding ceremony in the Parroquia de Guadalupe in January 2015. How far in advance to I have to book it? Also do you have the contact info?


Alejandra O.

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