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Hi Ladies, @MrsRobertson @aschul31


Firstly congratulations on your engagements and upcoming weddings!


There were a group of 16 of us for the wedding. We had the ceremony at 6pm then the semi private dinner at 8:45pm (you get the option of 2 dinner sittings if you are not having a private party).


We booked through Thomson in the UK and in our wedding pack we were given 2 email addresses for the RIU wedding team. I emailed them a couple of times prior to the wedding to get pictures of there ceremony set up, info about legal documentation, wedding extras etc and they usually replied within a few days. I believe this team are separate from the hotels actual wedding coordinator whose name I think is Magaly if I remember rightly. We met with her a day or two after arrival and she went through all the details for the wedding - flowers (which i must say were lovely!), ceremony timings, music, wedding meal etc etc. I would say get a list of extras from the Riu wedding team and familiarise yourself with what you want prior to the meeting with your wedding coordinator. I was pretty relaxed about it all so just wanted something simple but if you have in mind what you want, get this list of extras beforehand!


Overall our wedding was GREAT. I would not have done anything differently, the location was perfect, the whole thing went off without any problems and I wish we could do it all again!!


I do have photos which I'm happy to share - perhaps send me a direct message with your email and I'll send you some photos of the wedding ceremony and you can ask me any other questions that you have as I don't check this forum very often.


Hope this helps :)


Jess xx

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Hello ladies,


firstly congratulations to everyone who is now married and soon to be. We have booked the peninsular for our wedding in September 2016. We have booked through Thompsons in the UK and haven't been given all the details we should have involving costs ect. I have contacted the wedding coordinator but they have advised that we will discuss details near the time of the wedding. This scares me as I would like to know all is sorted in good time. I have tried searching wedding photos on the Internet for this hotel but can't really find any, I know this is a relatively new hotel so there may not have been that many I would just like to see what actual set ups they offer as the ones shown by Thompsons weren't actually for that hotel (very misleading) I do have in my mind the way I want the wedding to look could anyone confirm if you get to choose the colours you want in terms of flowers and decorations? If anyone has any photos they could send me I would be very greatful. We have realised also that we are expecting over 40 guests therefore have been advised we will need to take the garden option can anyone fill me in on what this was like?


Much appreciated


Rachel x

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Hello everyone! I have been looking into Riu Palace Peninsula for my wedding :) it won't be until June 2017, but from what I've seen in pictures it looks gorgeous! Fiance and I will be making an on-site visit in January. Can anyone give me some insight if they've had their ceremony on the beach or the garden?



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I just got married there this past August. It was so perfect!!! You get married in their garden area. And we had the reception in the glass room. Any questions feel free to email me aschul31@yahoo.com.




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