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where to start for a last minute bride

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I have decided to organise the wedding myself (not OCD, large family-itis). This means I've rented a villa to accommodate most; shipping food, drink, and decor, and doing it in a local church which I have already visited. My problem is the rest of the organising, photographer, videographer, hair, makeup, car/transport.... The dots really mean there's more I'm sure but I don't know what!!!?!?! Help!!

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Some things to consider are:





Entertainment if applicable


Catering - Does villa have everything you need for the amount of ppl attending? i.e.:tables, linens, cutlery, etc.


wedding favours

Does the church provide the officiant and do the paperwork?

Accomodations for out of town guests

And of course Attire for you, groom and bridal party

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