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Questions for Mayte/ invitations etc

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Hi ladies!! I ame getting married July 3,2013 and staying at the majestic colonial. I have not sent a deposit to hold my date and have been assured it is confirmed but I am still nervous! I just sent an email asking her how I can go about sending it with some other questions. Below are the questions I asked and I will post the answers for you all ( I hope this helps some of you) I was reading all the posts and SOme things were not clear but that could be because its late and I am sick! I also made my own invitations and mailed them out. I made boarding passes with luggage tag rsvps. Our catch phrase was " forget you high heels and you tuxedo, just pack your flip flops and your speedo" then the RSVP said flip flops and speedo are packed and sorry sunburn too easily. I will try and upload or email pictures / templates to any of you who want. Plus info of where I purchased everything if its helpful. Here are the questions: When we had spoken earlier you said there would be a new price list for 2013. Would i be able to have this? With reading on some of the forums I saw I may be able create my own menu from the Jellyfish, would I be able to have a copy of this to look at? 1. Is there a complimentary welcome cocktail? 2. Can we pay with a credit card or Paypal? 3. Is there a charge for lounge furniture? 4. How much would a late night food table cost and what is included? 5. Are we able to bring sparklers 6. Are we able to light wish lanterns? 7. What is the cost of wine and beer service during dinner? 8. How much are drinks for cocktail hour and what is included? 9. How much is a dance floor outside with lanterns? 10. Do you recommend anyone for hair and makeup? 11. Can we do open bar for a few hours and then change to cash? Or is there a way to see what works out to be cheaper at the end of the night? 12. If we do not rent out the whole restaurant, is the upstairs portion blocked from seeing downstairs? 13. Some people said you could do a bonfire pit, is this something you can do? 14. How does transportation work? Do we have a set number of runs?

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