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Carnival Victory Cruise Wedding/Vow Renewal

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How Our Family Began…

           My husband and I started dating in 2002 after meeting on the internet.  We moved in together in 2003 and had our first son in 2004 (and our 2nd son in 2010).  We were very much in love but we didnâ€t get married until 2008 on Valentineâ€s Day.  We didnâ€t have enough money for a wedding, so we went to the courthouse. 

Wedding/Vow Renewal Plans…

           Iâ€ve been regretting the decision not having a ceremony ever since.  I think every woman should have her special day, so my husband and I decided to have a wedding/vow renewal ceremony after being married for 5 years.  Although we originally thought being married on Valentineâ€s Day was a good idea, we decided to change our anniversary date.  Every time we tried to plan for our anniversary, rates were higher and it never really felt like our special day.

Choosing the Date & Location…

            We didnâ€t want to go in debt having the wedding our dreams, so we looked into having our ceremony on a cruise.  We also wanted to find a cruise that would be affordable for our family and friends, so we decided on cruise during the off season.  We booked the Carnival Victory cruise ship, October 10 – 14, 2013 but we have not booked the wedding.  Iâ€ve called every day and so far, there are no wedding booked for this cruise and weâ€ll be booking in the next 3 weeks.

Past Carnival Cruise Bride, I Need Help…

            If youâ€ve had a wedding on a Carnival cruise before, please help me with the details.  Iâ€ve listed a few questions that Iâ€m curious about.  Thanks in advance, Chyrise.

  • Whatâ€s all included in the wedding package, flowers or music?
  • Can I make my own bouquets and bring them on the ship?
  • What all can I bring on the ship?  I want to have a sand ceremony and bring personalized Hershey chocolate bar wedding favors.
  • Do they have wedding singers?  I would love to have someone sing at the ceremony.
  • I want to see pictures!!  If you have any of your cruise ship weddings can you please post them??
  • Any other tips, feel free to post them

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